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10 Ingenious Half Bath Decorating Ideas

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Half Bathroom Design Ideas
photo by Dominic Sagolla

Half bath decorating ideas are very limited if you do not think out outside of the physical dimension of the small space which is usually what happens to homeowners. They are at a loss when decorating and making their half baths not only functional but attractive as well.

Have no fear, we are here!

Let there be light! Since all half baths occupy limited space, you can make it appear bigger with the strategic use of lighting. A well lighted room appears bigger than it actually is.

Color it a lighter shade of pale! Using neutral, pastel or light colors can add depth to any small area – use this trick to make your half bath seem bigger to your visitor’s eyes.

Use a sliding or folding door to save space! If you can have a door similar to those used by airliners, then your problem is already half-solved. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention, so don’t be shy and innovate to your heart’s content.

Construct your half bath near the main drain and plumbing lines to save space and money instead of opting to install new plumbing.

Make sure that the minimum ceiling height is at least 7 feet for enough headroom; if the ceiling is higher than 7 feet, then it is better to lower it at the recommended height level to make it proportional.

Ensure that one of the walls of the half bath is an outside wall so that venting will not be a problem or a costly undertaking.

Use vertical wire caddies for putting in toiletries and other bathroom supplies to maximize space usage.

Go for recessed lighting to minimize overhead clutter.

If your half bath has a window, consider using stained glass for a more charming effect.

Instead of using a table for tissues and hand towels, consider using a built in wall shelf or a mirrored cabinet with enough storage space for those niceties you may want to put in.

Don’t forget to ask for more half bath decorating ideas from your local home improvement and decorating store or browse the Word Wide Web in order to make your half bath as unique and attractive not only to you but your visitors as well!


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  1. Di says:

    Really good ideas, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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