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Caring For Your Hardwood Floor – Things To Do

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New Hardwood Flooring - photo by TomHardwood floors provide a unique elegance to your home and enhance the ambience of the rooms. But people don’t take care of the hardwood floors that seriously and end up with uneven and stained wooden floors. With little care and some precautionary measures your wooden floors will be as clean and as smooth as ever.

Some of the major precautionary measures that you should take in order to protect your hardwood floors are explained in detail as follows:

1. Do you know that UV rays from sunlight can cause significant damage to your valuable wooden floors? Yes, they seriously do, so in order to prevent such a damage, you should protect your wooden floors with the help of blinds, curtains, and/or drapes.

2. The second threat to your hardwood floors is of the scratches that they can get from your furniture. In order to prevent your hardwood floor from getting scratched, you should use furniture glides. Furniture glides are basically small coverings made of soft material that are placed under the feet of the furniture. Now, furniture glides should be cleaned properly and there should be no dirt and/or gravel embedded in the corners. One more thing that you should take care of is that that while moving the furniture, make sure that you lift it up and then move it to another spot, or if it is heavy, you should slide it by placing a cotton sock over the leg.

3. Heels are the biggest enemies of hardwood floors and can create a lot of tiny little dents that are barely noticeable, but when sunshine hits your lovely smooth wooden floor, those tiny little dents won’t go unnoticed. So, in order to prevent a floor full of dents, avoid walking with heels on your hardwood floor and tell your friends and family to follow this golden rule as well.

4. Area rugs are a great way to decorate and ideal for hardwood floor protection. Basically they protect the floor from any sort of spillage or stains. They should be placed in stain prone areas like for example entrances, below kitchen counters, bathrooms, and etc.

5. As we all know that cleanliness is next to Godliness. So, cleaning hardwood floors should be done religiously. Vacuum and sweep the floor regularly and vacuum it with a brush attachment as beater bars can cause some damage to hardwood floors.

6. Avoid mopping hardwood floors. Special dust mops or wood safe cleaning agents can be used for cleaning purposes. Remember, do not over clean the hardwood floors, as it will make them look dull. Again, I repeat water can cause great damage to the hardwood floors, so mopping with water should be avoided by all means. If water or any other liquid is spilled on the wooden floor, just blot it and dry thoroughly. There are special dust mops or wood safe cleaning agents that you should use for cleaning your wooden floors. Select the cleaners carefully and read the labels before buying them and the finish of your hardwood floor should match the cleaner.

So, to sum it up take care of your hardwood floors as they are precious and valuable. You should maintain them by following the above preventative measures and your hardwood floors will be as beautiful and long lasting as ever.

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