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Home Decor Tips – How to Decorate Your Bay Windows

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If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window in your bedroom, you’re probably keen to know the best way of decorating it.

Bay windows tend to date back to the Victorian times and they usually manage to create the illusion of a room being even bigger than it is. As well as this, they have the added bonus of letting more natural light into a bedroom, so it’s a fantastic window to have in the space.

Decorating bay windows can sometimes be tricky, mainly because they tend to be square or polygonal, which can cause problems when it comes to measuring up the glass around the window. You’ve pretty much got two choices when it comes to covering your bay windows: blinds or curtains. This is actually one of the only window designs where you could even choose a combination of both, if that sounds good to you. Most bay windows, due to the size of them, have a join in the centre. So, this means you can either put together some stylish curtains and blinds, or just use one of the coverings.

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It should be easy enough to find window coverings to match the rest of the décor in your room and it’s best to do this, since your bay window probably has a large presence in your bedroom. You could even consider creating a window seat in your bedroom as well. This will be a stylish addition to the space. Whenever you don’t feel like sitting on your bed, you could read a book with a great view of the world behind you.

Once you’ve decorated your bay window, you might want to make some other improvements around your bedroom. Investing in new mattresses is just one thing to think about, as you’ll be sure to get a far better night’s sleep if you do this. Bensons is a great place to look, as there is a great variety for sale, from memory-foam mattresses to pocket-sprung styles.

Your bedroom is bound to be a place you want to spend plenty of your time once you’ve decorated the bay window and purchased a fantastic new mattress.

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