Monday, December 18, 2017

Home Remodeling Made Easy in 5 Simple Steps

Interior Home Remodeling Design
photo by Mona Kiriakopoulos

Home remodeling is a daunting project, even more nerve-racking than constructing a house from scratch. Considering that there are only certain parameters and extent within which you can freely move; every cabinet that has to be knocked down or added including rooms, floors, etcetera are already pre-defined. If space is not a limitation, then the ore it becomes complex because you can easily go overboard and beyond your allotted budget.

To enable you to stay within your budgetary constraints and get the most from your home remodeling budget, here are 5 simple steps to ensure your success without the accompanying headaches!

Carefully measure the room or space where you plan to add or take down walls; preferably, it is best to work from the as-built drawing of the house to be sure that the walls you knock down are not load bearing walls. Take down the measurements of the different areas your home and cross check them to ensure that the measurements are correct. Label each measurement clearly and put them on individual sheets of paper to avoid confusion. Next, do your research on the types of materials currently available for your home remodeling project. Go to home improvement stores and request for samples of flooring materials, fixtures, lighting and paint color selection guides with their corresponding prices.

When you have made the final decision on the big ticket items, make a list of the small things you need; it’s very easy to forget to inquire about supplementary and component materials that will give life to your remodeling project like wall trims, corner boards, lavatory and kitchen fixtures, cabinet handles and the like.

Estimate your project cost and duration. Normally, contractors allow for a 25% margin over their cost estimate and time table in order to be on the safe side to cover unforeseen circumstances. Very rarely are construction or home remodeling projects completed on time, it’s either late or early!

In buying the building materials you need for your home remodeling project, try to use the best quality of materials you can afford. Cheaper products generally have a short lifespan so don’t waste your time and money in replacing them again after a year or two. You will end up paying more than if you spend for high quality materials in the first place.

Finally, you will surely encounter situations that you have not anticipated during the planning stage when your home remodeling gets under way. Do not panic and lose sleep over these things, that’s what the 25% margin is for. You may discover that doing this instead of that may be best so just go ahead and make the necessary revisions. You can always replace and/or return materials you do not need to your supplier.

Home remodeling is a very rewarding (and at times frustrating) experience; however, if you follow the above guidelines and you will discover that it is easier because you have planned well in advance of the project instead of going ahead with the home remodeling doing it and buying what you need when you need it.


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