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Home Theater Systems – Buy or Assemble Your Own and Enjoy!

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Home Theatre System Installed in Private Audio Room
Designer/Owner : Kuyper Hoffman
photo by Wayne Knaggs

Home theater systems are giving theaters and cinemas very stiff competition these days. The proliferation of affordable home entertainment appliances make more and more people stay home and watch movies on their own home theater systems rather than in the cinemas.

Nowadays, you can assemble high-quality home cinema component pieces purchased separately in order to have the best combination of equipment. Or if you are a little short on the budget, you can purchase a home-theater-system kit that includes a set of surround sound speakers with an amplifier/tuner for and a DVD player. Though these kits pale in comparison to a custom-built home cinema, they are inexpensive and easy to set up; one needs only to add a television and some movies in order to create a simple home theater.

Home theater systems come equipped with a broad variety of connections to enable the different audio/video components to work together or to allow integration with computers or other electronic equipment for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

The availability of a wide range of movies from online and offline stores and pay-per-view cable channels makes watching movies at home a better alternative than putting up with the rising costs of movie tickets, the inordinately long commercials and almost unending previews of movies to come when you go to a cinema.

Although watching movies on the big screen especially on the Imax is still an unbeatable experience, home theater systems are able to hold their own in terms of visual and audio quality on a limited scale. Dolby 5.1 surround sound and 36″ or bigger flat panel television in the comfort of your home is enough to spoil any movie buff.

Whether you want to assemble your own or buy a ready to assemble home theater system kit make sure that you get the basics which consist of a large-screen flat panel TV (36″ or bigger) – plasma or LCD TV are slowly going in price; 5-piece hi-fi speaker system in the following configuration: left, right and center for the front and left and right speakers in the rear; DVD player with amplifier. Check all connectors to make sure that you can connect your audio component system including your computer.

Although setting a home theater system is a little complicated as you may have to get own on all fours, plugging them in is straightforward as everything is color coded. Make sure the area of the house where you set up your home theater system have some acoustic panels or drapes as you will be surely be surprised the first time your fire up home theater with their surround sound speakers. Your walls will literally shake!


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  1. i have both DTS and Dolby Surround home theather system at home and the sound is superb ~’*

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