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Choosing a Home Water Purifier

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Home water purifiers are now an essential appliance for most households because of the developing consciousness that clean and purified water is beneficial to health. Although majority of today’s domestic water supply are distributed by local water systems and are treated, filtered and purified prior to distribution most people prefer to install their own home water purifiers for health and safety reasons.

Choosing your own home water purifier system is a bit tricky as there are manufacturers offer different water purification methods such as ionization, filtering, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation or alkaline method to provide homeowners with safe, clean and healthy drinking water, 24/7.

All things being equal, the bottom line is that clean and healthy drinking water is necessary to avoid serious health problems. Drinking water should be free of contaminates, bacteria and foreign particulates that may affect our health, our liver especially as the liver is the body’s internal filter of all toxins and foreign substances.

Factors to consider in choosing a home water purifier

Ask what type of purification the system offers. Make your own research regarding the various systems and evaluate their pros and cons.

Inquire about after sales service and parts availability. You don’t want a home water purifier that may take weeks before it can be repaired should a component breakdown during its use.

Inquire about installation and service warranties offered by the supplier. Is installation included in the purchase price or an additional cost?

What are the user replaceable parts or components? Do they provide free replacements for the first consumables or do you have to buy already? If yes, then it is better to buy 1 or 2 sets of consumable supplies to make sure that you have replacements on hand handy. Most home water purification systems employ a combination of multi-stage filters and electricity or light to purify water. The rule of thumb is the finer the filter the better it is. Make sure to check the micron rating of the filter and to have several in stock of each kind. If the water in your area is full of impurities, filters will not last for their rated cycle of use.

Is the system suitable to your area in terms of water pressure intake? What is the rated output capacity of the system?

Most importantly, is it within your budget range?

All these are the important and primary considerations you have to evaluate before choosing and buying your home water purification system. Do not be in hurry because once it is installed, it would be very difficult to dismantle all over again because of the fittings and connections made to incorporate it in your home’s water distribution line.

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