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The Hospitable Garden – A Balance of Form and Function

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A hospitable garden allows anyone to relax, build up strength and enjoy peace and quiet in the midst of a noisy environment. But how do you create a hospitable garden?

In designing your garden, make sure that it unifies all of the natural elements in the area and creates a safe haven for the people who use it – be it your home garden, a public garden or in the office. A hospitable garden is literally like an oasis in the desert where you can spend time by yourself amidst everybody else without getting bothered.

A hospitable garden should evoke the feeling of peace and quiet and need not be expensive. Simply make use of the surrounding structures including walls, terrain, trees and plants in order to achieve a distinctive look. It is unnecessary to have exotic flowers to make your garden more appealing. Make the diverse elements in the garden flow into each other harmoniously and use garden accessories sparingly for effect.

Use walls and trees as natural covers to maintain privacy, and make your plant selection carefully so that they do not conflict with one another in terms of smell. Make sure that your garden has all the natural elements present – water, earth, wood, metal in order to cater not only to the visual but tactile experience as well.

Devote an area of your garden to a water fountain in order to attract birds to enhance the nature effect of your hospitable garden. Moreover, your garden furniture set can either be of teak wood or wrought iron material to complete the water, earth, metal and wood combination.

Make sure that the flowers bloom one after another in other to have blooms for as long as possible so that people will enjoy relaxing in the garden. Flowers, grass and shrubs should also feel pleasant to the touch; if at all possible, plant fruit bearing bushes or shrubs to give your garden that inimitable and exciting ambiance.

Ensure that some of the grass area in your garden is broken up by granite stone steps that lead to the garden furniture to silently direct traffic to a particular area without having to fence in the other areas. A well designed hospitable garden ensures its spaces are planned carefully for human use to make maintenance and care easier.

The placement of plants, ornaments and stones very is important to the harmony of the landscape design. When adding ornaments (as in the water fountain) make sure they enhance the garden but do not become the main focus. You can use terracotta lanterns, basins or sculptures min order to have your own private but hospitable garden.

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