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Knowing The Lucky House Numbers In Feng Shui For Luck

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House numbers in feng shui have been one of the most revered and sacred information from this famed and authentic Chinese tradition. Such is the power and forcefulness of these house numbers in the art of feng shui that even real estate and property selling is influenced by the house numbers in Chinese based localities and in areas where the art of feng shui is looked up to as an idealistic and impressive art form.

According to the art of feng shui, a house number may not only affect your life, but also of every person’s life you come in contact with. Inauspicious numbers are harbingers of bad luck, while auspicious numbers are a sign of happiness and joy to come into your life. The interpretations of feng shui as to which numbers are auspicious and which house numbers are inauspicious are calculated by several methods. It includes the equations and calculations involving the five feng shui elements and the ever charismatic elements of yin and yang.

The five elements of feng shui includes the Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water elements that help you recognize and channelize the natural forces of energy. The yin-yang is the balancing force of the universe according to feng shui theory. Yin is the feminine symbol while yang is masculine. Feng shui maintains that both should be equally present in the house to attain eternal energy. In the case of house numbers in feng shui, both of the above discussed entities of feng shui contribute.

Even in the business of real estate and property sales in China, Hong Kong and other Chinese populated states, feng shui house selling is dominant. A house or property with an auspicious house number according to feng shui will conventionally and regularly beat a house with an inauspicious number in selling prices. This happens even though the latter may be ten times better than the former as far as area, space or luxuries are concerned.

The auspicious or unlucky quality of a house number in feng shui is not equal to the world’s viewpoint on lucky and unlucky numbers. To the western world number ‘13’ is unlucky but its lucky as per feng shui is concerned. This is because the number 13 sounds like ‘sure live’ implying long life! Similarly number 4 is unlucky according to feng shui as it sounds like ‘dead’!

Therefore, even though house numbers in feng shui influence people in choosing their residential accommodation, it actually has more to do with the psychology of people than the ancient Chinese tradition.

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22 Responses to “Knowing The Lucky House Numbers In Feng Shui For Luck”
  1. fanny santos says:

    ..which one is better house number 152 or 144. im west direction is it alright to be in the east side?

  2. Vincent Yim says:

    If you ask me to choose no between 152 and 144, I will rather go for 152. typically especially chinese community do not favor No 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54….etc, that sort of numbers doesn’t mean the house is bad feng shui, this is purely based on the believe culture, the only draw back is when you plan to sell the house, this particular group of buyers may not even want to view the house at all.

    Choosing east direction will be better than west, at least you can escape all the HOT heat.

  3. wing says:

    house number 2460 vs 6081. Both face East direction and I’m the East person.
    I know that 6081 is better than 2460. In term of every day commuting, 2460 is closer and more convenient than 6081.

    I’m not sure which house should I take ?


  4. Vincent Yim says:

    To me, these 2 numbers 2460 & 6081 don’t give any strong negative impact.

    Select the right home whereby meet most of your home hunting requirements.. for example comfort, layout, amenities, schools, transport…etc.

    Hope my $0.02 could help you select the right home.


  5. Parr says:

    I would like to know we are thinking about a couple of houses one house number is1461 and other is 833 which one is better

  6. Vincent Yim says:

    If these 2 properties having similar criteria such as number of rooms, nice kitchen, large master bedroom and nice bathroom, then I will go for 833, this number sound excellent to me.

    As a real estate broker for 20 years, my conclusion for finding the right home is the main house hunting requirement is more improtant than the house number.

    Hope this help.


  7. emmy says:

    After reading around online about numbers and feng shui, I have come to realize that the last 2 places I have lived at all add up to 4 and now the place where i am currently living adds up to 4 as well…the first was 12343and lived in apt 1421 and then 5701 and i lived in apt 1111 and now i live at 4900….and were looking to find a place to buy and one of the two houses adds up to 4…..the other place is a 1….
    whats with the attraction to the number 4? and isnt that an inauspicious number?

  8. Chun says:


    My parents are looking to buy a house. There are two houses in the same area, exact same style, facing Southwest. One with number 537 and the other 543. Can you please give us any advice?

    Thank You,

  9. Lim says:

    There is a row of properties facing north, which choice of house numbers like 61, 59, 57 , 55, 53, 51, which is a better number?

  10. Vincent Yim says:

    all the 6 house numbers dont see any negative impact, but advise to look at the exact location, the countor of the land level, the neighbourhood, the road position and others. All these play significant factors.

    No matter what, the first instinct feeling on comfortability is rather important when you first view the house. (just my 2 cents)

  11. Joan says:

    My daughter recently moved into an apartment. The address of the complex is 25 while her apartment is No, 4, I think her house faces north. Can you tell me if this is an unlucky apartment.

  12. beng maglalang says:

    hi i bought a house with block number 10 and lot number is 21, is it lucky?

  13. Owen Bell says:

    Feng Shui is used mostly by old fashioned chinese. I dunno if it really works.~-.

  14. sometimes the predictions of feng shui are true and sometimes it is not.’;~

  15. i am a very strong believer in feng shui and somehow there is a truth behind its predictions-;*

  16. somehow i believe in Feng Shui, my house was built based on the suggestions of a Feng Shui master`-*

  17. Towel Rails says:

    i really believed in Feng Shui and we always seek the advice of the Feng Shui master whenever we build a new apartment `,”

  18. Kayleen says:


    I have a house number which is 17. I read in a authentic book that 17 means fame and fortune. I am studying at the moment and going deeper into debt but I have had difficulty with all the nieghbours. My house faces south and the block is small. There is going to be a developemnt (another house) on half the size block again next door. The people are abusive because I put in an objection to their proposal to council. I am strong and resilient but it has effected my study. They are harrassing in every way, leaving flood lights on all night every night so I can nto sleep, parking on my nature strip,organsing other nieghbours to do the same. Letting their dog pooh on my lawn. I ignore them as i want to finaich my study. Any solutions? Is it true about number 17?

  19. Tree says:

    1 – 84 = 13 and is broken down to 4. I think this house number is unlucky. Twenty five years ago I lived at 3 – 28 = 13 and is broken down to 4, all my money went at this address and my marriage as well.

  20. hi... says:

    House No44….i plan to buy….any comment…


  21. Anetta says:

    How about setting a special numbers to pricing a house.
    House nr 47 and selling price is 1,188.68 . Is this a good combination?


  22. Linggeswari says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy house which available house number = 38 and 40 ..I would like to know which number is suitable for my husband’s date of birth – 28th August and my date of birth – 8th Mac

    Please do reply me soon to my email.

    Thank You so much

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