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Learn How To Lay Wood Flooring So That You Get A Professional Looking Floor At Half The Labor Cost!

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When it comes to how to lay wood flooring, it does not depend on the version one intends to install. Wood flooring is a type of flooring that is made from timber obtained from hardwoods, or spruce or hard pine. It is valued for its beauty and durability and is a good substitute for carpeting.

The unfinished version of wood flooring is first installed and then sanded, i.e. it is finished on site. The other newer version is the pre-finished flooring, that which is finished in a factory and then installed at the place of requirement.

Before carrying out wood flooring installation, it is important to allow the wood strips to get acclimatized to the moisture in the house as wood may expand or contract with change in humidity level. This needs a time period of about 3 to 5 days.

There are four techniques that can be employed for wood flooring installation :

  • Free float is meant for the individuals who have little or no experience with wood flooring installation.
  • Glue down makes use of a wood flooring adhesive or a wood flooring glue, and is recommended for those who have some experience. If the subfloor is flat and calls for minimum preparation, then this method is suggested.
  • Staple down method makes use of powerful wood flooring tools and thus needs good amount of experience.
  • A special kind of stapler called the flooring nail gun or flooring nailer is needed. Nail down method also needs specific wood flooring tools.

One may also give some thought to laminate floorings. “Laminate vs. wood flooring “comes under consideration when one wants the beauty of wood flooring but is also asking for a low maintenance material.

Laminate flooring is made out of synthetic material but looks like wood flooring. These are usually less expensive and more durable than the regular wood flooring. They also prove out to be a reasonable solution when question of easy installation pops up.

More tips on how to install wood floor

  • Before installing the wood flooring, it is important to ensure that the subfloor is stable and leveled.
  • Flooring strips are usually installed perpendicular to the floor joists. Direction of installation also matters.
  • Baseboards, door trims and thresholds should be removed.
  • If installing the boards parallel to the joists, then an extra layer of plywood is required to be added.
  • It is also important to leave a gap of about ½ “between the last flooring board and the wall, in case the wood boards expand.
  • To avoid floor squeaks after installation of wood flooring, the subfloor can be covered with asphalt felt.

Follow the tips on how to lay wood flooring given here and you shall be able to lay your own floor in no time.



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