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Tips on How to Remove Wallpaper Without Any Hassle!

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DIY Wallpaper Removing
You can do it yourself (DIY) by learning the basic tips on removing wallpaper. Look at this young kid, Ben, he was helping his parent to remove wallpaper in the kitchen. Photo courtesy by Keith Blackwell

Wallpapers are something which makes your walls look beautiful and attractive but you must know how to remove wall paper before putting it on the wall so that you know all the pros and cons before going for it.

After a certain period of time, the wallpaper starts looking worn out and old and the question which arises is how to remove wallpaper? On the face of it, the answer to this question sounds too easy i.e. to remove the wallpaper – simply peel it off from the wall. But when you really try removing wallpaper you come to know that it is much more difficult then it sounds.

Wallpaper removal becomes easier if the paper is strippable, i.e. it peels off easily leaving behind only the glue and no messy, sticky paper patches. A simple test on a small area will decide whether the paper is easily peeling off or not. This easily removable wallpaper can be removed with the help of sponge, some hot water and a knife.

After moistening the wallpaper with the help of sponge soaked in warm water, one should wait for a while, allowing the glue beneath to loosen and then remove it with the help of a knife. Once the paper is removed the walls can be rinsed with a neutralizing solution to make them ready for fresh painting.

In case the wallpaper is too old and cannot be easily removed then the task of removing this old wallpaper is not too easy. In this case help of some wallpaper removing tools may be taken to remove wallpaper and remove wallpaper glue. Tiny holes have to be made in the wallpaper with the help of a tool which is available with the hardware vendor. It is a small sized tool having spiked wheels in it. This tool is pierced lightly on the wallpaper to make holes. We have to be careful that the tool does not pierce and destroy the wall.

More and more holes are created by making adequate passes with the tool. Once there are enough holes an enzyme based solution or a wallpaper remover is applied so as to help loosen the bond between the wallpaper adhesive and the wall. It has to be given some time for the solution to soak and once it is soaked completely it can easily be removed with the help of a knife. Residual glue on the wall can be cleaned with the help of soap and water.

Before starting the process of wallpaper removal, the tips to remove wallpaper which may be followed are :-

  • You must remove all furniture from the walls and cover the floor with drop cloths so as to soak any spilled water or liquid.
  • You must keep all wallpaper removal tools such as broad knife, sponge, perforation tool, paint roller, white vinegar, water etc. ready by our side.
  • If you are using a commercial wallpaper remover then do not forget to wear gloves, long pants, safety goggles, cap etc. and keep the room doors and windows open as the commercial removers are caustic and the fumes can be harmful for us.

So following above guidelines can be the best way to remove wallpaper.

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