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Installing Interior Doors Is Not A Difficult Job With The Right Guidance

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Installing interior doors is not a difficult job. All you need is some basic ideas and the right kind of equipment. When attempts at repairing old damaged door fail, it is prudent to simply install a new one. You may find the jambs in a very sorry state. Their ruined condition may require immediate replacement. The answer to this is ‘Prehung Door unit’ where door, jambs and the hinges come as a unit.

There are three kinds of doors available- hollow core, solid core and solid wood.

The hollow core doors with hardwood exterior are affordable, lightweight, and smooth and can be painted matching the décor of the room. The popular design is the one that has six panels.

Tougher Solid core doors have fiber core and though not entirely fire resistant they burn slowly. You will find all the properties of a wooden door in this model without paying much.

Doors made of solid wood can be painted. It is sound proof. As it is very heavy, installation may require some help.

As wood expands and shrinks with humidity, measurements should be taken carefully. When installing a prehung door the thickness of the plaster should be measured before purchasing. Installation is simpler if you follow the tips given below:

  • Ensure that the doorway is a few inches wider than the frame. Then begin with the leveling process by placing shim about ¼” thick underneath.
  • Insert a nail partially on the side of the hinge, a foot from the floor.
  • Placing the level vertically upon the hinge side of the frame align the door and nail it on the hinge side about a foot from the upper edge.
  • Now align the side without the hinges using a spirit level. Then hammer a nail halfway on the frame about three inches away from the side without the hinges.
  • Then adjust frame by placing the level on the non-hinge side. In this right position nail partially the bottom and top of the frame.
  • Now testing it. The door should swing easily leaving a gap of 1/8” between the non-hinge side and the door.
  • Insert the nails fully. Sink in two more nails. Then insert the trim for the back of the door in the groove.
  • Now you can install the main door.

If you want to just replace the old door then special attention has to be paid to measurement. It is a more laborious job than fitting a pre-hung door. If the old door has the right measurement, then size the new door according to it and install it by correctly positioning the hinges.

If you start with the right equipments and determination you will see that installing interior doors is not a difficult job.

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