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How to Get a Japanese Tatami Room

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A Japanese tatami room is a stylish new concept being adopted by the west from the Japanese culture, which refers to a room theme designed in contemporary Japanese style to reflect style and comfort in its most basic form. It usually costs less than the other room theme designs and it is extremely easy to get this theme design too. To know how you can get a tatami room, read ahead…

Start with lowering the height of the roof by about 6-8 inches. This creates a more cozy environment, and is typical to Japanese room designs. However, it is not recommended to those having a small tatami room, since low roofs in such cases can make your interiors feel cramped up instead.

While buying furniture, try to make your purchase from stores that exclusively sell tatami furniture. If this option is not available, create your own tatami bed with low or no bed frames, and simple bedroom furniture that has little or no decoration. Traditional Japanese people used to sit on floor mats instead of chairs, so you can ignore buying chairs too. In case this does not suit you, get your furnishings in neat clean cuts, with no carvings and ordinary but classy finish.

A good idea is to use throw rugs, tatami mats, etc to add to the appeal of your room. Select them well, in traditional Japanese designs and use them at appropriate places to highlight the tatami features well. Since tatami rooms tend to have very little decoration otherwise, these are good things to accessories your room with.

Other decorative features that you can safely add in tatami room designs are Tokonoma arts, and fusuma sliding doors (these can be suitably placed in large rooms or at places where doors or sliding doors are installed).

However, as already stated, the tatami bedroom concept revolves around comfort and classic style. Therefore, keep things simple and do not put in too much of furniture of bedroom accessories. Make sure the air flows freely and that there is very little obstruction while moving about on the floor. Avoid using bright colors on the walls and go for something that is light and subtle instead. The overall aesthetic appeal of a tatami bedroom lies in its simplicity and ability to calm your mind. Thus, keep it warm and cozy, so that once you return home from a hard day’s work, a nice quiet time at your Japanese tatami room is all it would take to soothe your mind!


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    Great post, I’ve always wanted to add some Japanese flavor to my home.

  3. Tatami mats with the Shouji doors are great, but just remember that they’re delicate. Proper maintenance is required if you want to keep it looking good!

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