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Tips for Keeping Your House Cool Without an Ac

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Keeping your house cool in summers can be really difficult for people with no air conditioner at homes or offices. With the mercury rising high, the best thing would be to go to an air conditioned shopping mall or movie theatre until it cools off. But that may not be always possible. So here are some tips on how to keep your house cool.

The main idea behind keeping cool without air conditioning is by minimizing the sources of heat and removing any built-up heat from inside. The easiest way to do this is by cutting down the transfer of heat through the walls and roof. Insulate the attic if it is still un-insulated or even under-insulated. Install a foil radiant barrier in the attic and staple it on the bottom of the roof rafters, while allowing some air space between the roof sheathing and the foil.

You can also use weather-strippings and caulk for cutting back on the transfer of air. Install some low-priced heat-reflecting film on the windows that face sun directly. This will not only keep your house cool but also reduce ultraviolet rays and glare to enter the home and damage floors and furniture.

Another way to keep cool without AC is by planting lots of plants in and around your house. Small plants, vines, large bushes and trees can provide shade as well as help in cooling by evaporation. You can choose deciduous species which permit the sunlight to warm the house during winters. Reduce air humidity as it will only make you feel warmer and more uncomfortable.

Try to minimize washing and drying of clothes during the mid-day as well as other work like showering, and cooking. Turn on the ventilating fans when you do these works as they will extract warm, moist air, and turn them off after use so that they don’t extract cool air too.

Create a breezeway in your house by paying close attention to the direction in which the wind is blowing and using it to your advantage. Open doors and windows that let breeze pass straight through the house. Even if this does not cool the room it will surely help in preventing the stuffy and muggy feeling building up in closed indoors. Create your own breezeways by opening windows on parallel sides and placing a window fan in the sill. The fan should be such placed that it draws air in from the outside.

Shade sunny windows using thick drapes and curtains while keeping those windows closed. When the sun passes from there open those windows and curtains to allow cool air to come in. Regular light bulbs emit lot of heat so switch to CFL bulbs instead.

All these tips will surely help you in keeping your house cool without an air conditioner.

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