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Knowing How Keyless Locks Can Bring You Mental Peace and Freedom

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Magical keyless locks means kissing goodbye to the bunch of keys. The freedom of keyless locks has to be realized to be known. Door keyless is an experience unparalleled. It means one does not have to worry anymore about bump keys. The modern locks do not have keys. These locks cannot be picked and are immune to the hacksaw.

A casual hunt through the Internet will show how easy it is to open the usual locks within seconds by anyone. It does not require either training or the use of expensive tools. Rising to the challenge many manufacturers have come forth with keyless locks to address this problem. These are ideal both for residences and offices. The locks can be easily installed by replacing the existing ones.

The firms claim that they have the best range of superb quality of combination keyless locks at affordable competitive prices. All the goods are new and nothing has been recycled or reused. It is the best way to protect the loved ones, the home, the apartment or the building for a good many years to come. The firms generally offer five years warranty.

The user has the option of using either a key or the combination to open the lock from the outside. These locks are ideal for dormitories, apartment, and condominiums. The code for each lock is different while the staff can keep one master key. A choice can be made from innumerable models. The locks will match the décor of the house.

Apart from house doors these keyless locks can be used for the doors of cabinets (wine, gun), barns, fences, garage, gardens, boxes and also to doors of pantry, patio, swimming pools, refrigerators, shops, screens and all types of sliding doors. The utility list is endless.

Freedom of keyless locks means freedom from the fear of losing keys or having the keys duplicated. It does not require the running of wires or the changing of batteries. Computer programming is not required but if and when necessary the combination can be conveniently changed.

Being burglar proof the outside knob freely spins because of heavy torque. The locks cannot be picked or entry forced from the outside. The locks are mechanical and non-electric. Thus it never fails.

Within few minutes the pushbutton combination locks can be installed. The combination consists of 1 to 5 letters that can be changed whenever required. The finishing is awesome ranging from antique or bright brass, jet black, red, bright or satin chrome, satin nickel or elegant and simple white.

The security of the house and office has become an important issue today. The answer is finger print locks. It is a state-of-the art in lock technology.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    This is so true. I own a small business and installed the keyless entry locks from about a year ago. It has save us time and money since we don’t have to get keys made any longer. I liked it so much, I ended up getting a simple combination keyless lock deadbolt for the home.

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