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Kitchen Collectibles Can Be a Goldmine

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Most people think that antiques are the only ones worth collecting and that only furniture, cars and other types of memorabilia fall into such a category. However, if you take a good look at archaeological digs most of the antiques that have been discovered are jars, flatware, glass, stoneware, cooking utensils etcetera – in short most antiques are in the category of kitchen collectibles!

Kitchen collectibles are a unique category since they fall into anything that enhances a kitchen. These can be kitchen cutlery sets, stone cookware, glass cookware, dinnerware, kitchen knives, crystals, salt and pepper shakers or peppermills. In fact the list is almost endless if you come to think of it.

A recipe cookbook that belongs to your great-grandmother published a hundred years ago and which is no longer in print can be considered a valuable kitchen collectible since most of its recipes may no longer be available in the public domain.

For your kitchen cutlery sets, stone cookware, glass cookware, dinnerware, kitchen knives, crystals, salt and pepper shakers or peppermills etcetera to be considered a collectible, they do not need to be a hundred years old. They should be rare or limited in supply to have some value for the avid kitchen collectible collector – this alone is more than enough to give it a higher value.

It’s not a question of age but a question of rarity or uniqueness – the value of kitchen collectibles is based on demand and limited supply, a simple law of economics.

Kitchen Collectibles - Noritake Dinnerware Collection

If you are interested in building up your cache of kitchen collectibles, the bet places to go are out of town garage sales, community bazaars and weekend flea markets where a good number of sellers want to get rid of their old hand-me-down junks in the attic or garage to have more space in their homes. In these out of the way bazaars, you will most likely find old kitchen pottery, heirloom kitchen cutlery sets, rare dinnerware either of china, stone, ceramic or glass and handmade kitchen knives by craftsmen yesteryears.

Collectibles are not simply for business, some people enjoy collecting rare items because they consider them important milestones or reminders of history. However, if you organize and streamline your collection you can sell some items that do not fit the criteria of the variety of your kitchen collectibles. Kitchen collectibles need not cost you a lot of money as some of the items you own will eventually fall into the collectible category if you do your kitchen outfitting with care. In planning to buy kitchen accessories make sure that you only buy distinctive, durable, well-crafted or ethnic utensils so that your children can still inherit them when the time comes. Make sure that it is something that will escalate in value and yet maintain its usefulness over the years.

At home one of the best conversation pieces we have is an antique, corn grinder made of stone. It’s an heirloom my grandmother gave to my mother which I in turn received from my mom. I turned it into a corner lamp complete with shades without drilling any holes into the stone grinder! A friend of mine who saw it offered me $1500 for the stone grinder lamp which I politely turned down but assured her that if I come across another one that I would give her call.

Several months later, after embarking on my own kitchen collectibles enthusiasm, I gave her a call and sold a stone grinder lamp for $1000 after having bought it for $500! Not a bad business considering I’m having fun as well!

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