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Practical Kitchen Design Ideas

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New Kitchen Design - photo by Xpshelby Modern Kitchen Design - photo by Ray Ng

Modern kitchen design is now a cooperative interaction of function and form because it is the hub of household activity and entertaining. Present day kitchen design addresses ease of movement, safety, strategic placement of equipment and utensils and including ergonomics. Today’s kitchen designs are at the same time a separate yet integral part of a house’s dining area or great room. It has been transformed as the center of a family’s cooking, eating and entertaining area.

If you are seriously considering redesigning your kitchen, here are some important points for consideration in order to come up with a practical kitchen design that meets your family’s requirements.

Enlarge your present kitchen by combining it with another room in the house, preferably the great room or living room. There is no need to have a solid wall to set the kitchen apart from the family’s dining or entertainment area as it was in the time of our parents and grandparents.

With the added space, you can rearrange your kitchen and redecorate with countertops, kitchen appliances, track lighting and cabinets that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the combined areas of the house yet at the same time maintain functionality. The extra expense is worth it because it will invariably add more value to your home and increase its visual appeal to whoever may come to visit!

The immense popularity of furniture-style cabinetry in ergonomic kitchen design makes remodeling and upgrading your kitchen easier. These types of cabinetry that come in various colors and styles make kitchen design an exercise in color and design choice rather than construction. They are very functional in integrating a kitchen island in your kitchen design and come in a variety of materials from metal to stone to hardwood.

As more and more cabinet manufacturers and kitchen designers make individual and freestanding pieces of kitchen furniture instead of the usual built-in format, kitchen design is developing into its own specialized class of creative and functional mix-and-match that opens up a world of possibilities for the open-faced kitchen. This development further opens up a new trend of being able to include features of heirloom furniture such as glazed, distressed and antique finishes in the kitchen.

Recent developments in modern kitchen design include:

Undermounted sinks – This is a widely accepted development, available in both cast iron and stainless steel versions and provides a clean and continuous look that perfectly blends in with modern kitchen designs. Undermounted sinks are functional, attractive and very easy to install and incorporate in any kind of countertop material.

Countertops – Kitchen countertops come in a variety of materials. The most popular is natural stone, limestone, butcher block or concrete. Some are laminate countertops that have various designs and styles to suit your taste.

Appliances – Kitchen appliances like cooking ranges, built-in refrigerators, dishwashers, ceramic heating hobs, convection/microwave ovens are now easier to integrate with new kitchen designs.

Cabinet Finish – Modern paint finishes in various colors are now acceptable as are glazed, distressed and antique finishes instead of the traditional ornate designs on kitchen cabinets.

The development of the open kitchen has resulted to a trend in kitchen design that incorporates ergonomics, functionality and colors into one single unit that balance and complement each other. The combination of kitchen islands, wet bars, baking centers and pantries into a home’s great room requires more creativity in kitchen design development. This also calls for a visually appealing combination of color and contrast in style, material and finish.

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