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Tips to Selecting a Kitchen Faucet Handle for a Hassle Free Kitchen

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A Kitchen faucet handle must be comfortable to use whatever be the material of the Faucet. It should feel good to touch and should be easily maneuverable. Kitchen faucets are generally made of brass because of its toughness. Brass with bright chrome finish is the most popular choice for kitchen faucets.

The importance of the kitchen faucet handle lies in the fact that it is one of the most used items in the kitchen. It has to be comfortable in using and one should feel pleasure in holding it and it should be not very tight. The faucet handle also adds to the décor of the kitchen and there are many replacement decorative handles available in the market for standard faucets.

Depending upon your needs and the size of the sink you can choose amongst single handle kitchen faucet and double handle kitchen faucet. Generally if you want hot and cold running water in your kitchen sink then it is advisable to install dual handle kitchen faucet as they are more comfortable to use. However, nowadays there are single handle kitchen faucets which perform all the functions of dual handle thus eliminating the need of two handles.

Nowadays, faucets are so designed that they allow control of both hot and cold water with a single handle. You should make a point that kitchen faucets are not only for use but if you have a classy kitchen then you must also worry about the looks of your sink and faucet as they add to the glitter of your kitchen.

The size of your kitchen and the sink also decides whether to have a single kitchen faucet or a dual one. If you have a small sink in your kitchen, then the single handle kitchen faucet will look handy. Likewise, in a big kitchen sink you can opt for a double handle kitchen faucet along with a kitchen faucet sprayer.

The single handle faucet is a compact unit with hot and cold water gauges and water spout all embedded in one. This takes very less space in your kitchen as it needs only one hole in the counter top or the sink. Single handle faucets are also available with kits having pull out side faucets. The double handle faucet requires three holes to be made, two for hot and cold gauges and one for the water spout. They are suitable for large sized sinks.

Before buying a kitchen faucet you must consider all the options and then decide for the Kitchen faucet handle as it is a very important tool in everyday life.

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