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Innovative and Easy Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Simple Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solution
photo by Audrey Smith

Kitchen storage solutions ensure that your kitchen is well organized and clutter free for a better food preparation and less stressful cooking experience. You do not need to replace your current kitchen cabinets nor buy expensive racks to implement more effective kitchen storage solutions.

Here are some easy to do tips in order to implement innovative and easy kitchen storage solutions for the busiest area of your house. Whatever the size of your kitchen, you need to put into practice efficient kitchen storage solutions for a more functional kitchen.

Maximize your kitchen space to keep necessary cooking utensils and other necessities in order and close at hand.

Use hanging wire baskets to add shelf space your pantry instead of building a bigger kitchen cabinet. Install baskets on the backside of cabinet doors to hold container lids and boxes food wraps or foils.

Use plastic utility baskets to hold cereal, rice and beans.

Use magnetic bars to hold everything from a paring knife to a pizza cutter including utility scissors.

Install wire racks near the cooking range to hold cooking utensils you use on a daily basis.

Install a ceiling rack to hang pots and pots overhead.

Install under-cabinet racks to hold wine glasses and use small hooks to get coffee cups out of the cabinet.

Install a wall-mounted paper towel holder near the sink.

Use vertical space wisely to free up cabinet space.

Place adhesive or magnetic hooks on sides of cabinets to hold measuring cups, oven mitts or miscellaneous kitchen gadgets.

Use a lazy Susan to hold condiments and cooking ingredients including spices.

Use drawer dividers to allow you to assign a space for each type of utensil and to find them faster when you need them.

Get a magnetic sorter box to hang on the side of the refrigerator for coupons, takeout menus, a notepad and pen or other papers that tend to accumulate on the countertops. Each type of paper should have its own section in the sorter.

Group similar items together. For instance, create a breakfast center that contains the toaster, breadbox, cereals, teapot and other items. Stock a snack area with a popcorn maker, popcorn, paper plates and cups (figure B).

Organize your kitchen’s communication center by placing a bulletin board near the telephone including telephone books, pens, paper and other supplies.

Store items nearby for easy reach. Keep wooden spoons and spatulas close to the stove.

Store dishes and silverware near the dishwasher or sink for easier access.

Store items in a decorative manner by using colored glass jars, antique tins or wicker and wire baskets that you can hang on the ceiling rack or cabinet doors.

Rearrangement and effective use of kitchen accessories are an effective and more efficient kitchen storage solution rather than replacing your cabinets or adding more cabinets or shelves in your pantry. Simply removing the clutter and a judicious placement of utensils and kitchen implements will give you a better working environment and happiness.

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