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Decorative Kitchen Tiles Can Jazz Up Your Cooking Area

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Decorative Ceramic Kitchen Tiles - photo by DeloraineaveUsing decorative kitchen tiles in your kitchen floors, walls, backsplash and countertops is a surefire method to add color and contrast in your kitchen and bring out the beauty and grandeur of your countertops and cabinets.

Decorative kitchen tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials you can mix and match them to create a totally different design. The wide variety of decorative kitchen tile designs are not limited anymore to the usual fruits, vegetables they now include landscapes, seascapes, butterflies, birds, seascapes and abstract designs.

If your budget allows for it, you can even have your own designs made to come up with your very own personal design! What more, decorative kitchen tiles are a perfect match not only for your granite or marble countertop but also to your kitchen wall color and cabinetry because they also come in simulated stone designs of various natural colors.

Ceramic Kitchen Tile

Ceramic kitchen tiles are made from clay, talc and other minerals. They are fired under very high temperatures which makes them suitable as countertops since they do not get damaged even if you put very hot cooking on them.

They also make good flooring and wall materials (not only for the kitchen but the bathroom as well) because of their unlimited designs and color variations. They also come in tool-less installation mural packages perfect as backsplash and are very easy to customize.

As kitchen countertops, ceramic kitchen tiles are unbeatable because of ease of installation, durability and heat resistance. The only drawback is that you have to regularly clean the grout to prevent stains.

Porcelain Kitchen Tile

Porcelain kitchen tiles are very durable and resistant to scratches or chips because it is made from the same material all throughout as opposed to the ceramic tile’s fusion of various materials and minerals. Since porcelain tiles resemble real stone and are very similar in shade and texture, they can be a perfect match for your granite or marble countertops.

Glass Kitchen Tile

With the price of glass tiles becoming more affordable, you can now use them to decorate your kitchen without breaking the bank! You can use them as borders of mosaic tiles, backsplash, countertops, walls, even floors. With the unlimited choice of colors you can practically use them as you please. The unique ability of glass tiles to reflect light, allow it to bring out the beauty of each tile. You can even choose crystal glass tiles with their unique light refracting property as borders for your regular kitchen tiles for a modern look that is visually appealing.

Where and how to use decorative kitchen tiles in your home remodeling project is up to you. You can either let your imagination run wild or be conservative and stick to the basics but with their almost unlimited colors, designs and sizes you will surely have your hands full in making a decision.


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