Monday, December 18, 2017

Kitchenaid Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer- Impressive Ranges Of Models Are Convenient To Use And Great To Look

The Kitchenaid refrigerator with bottom freezer is one of the outstanding refrigerators in the series of freestanding refrigerators and the Kitchenaid Company is a reputed name in home appliances. They are exquisitely planned with superb craftsmanship so as to give the optimum results.

Not only these refrigerators are attractive to look at and sure to catch anyone’s attention at the first glance but they are designed with such accuracy and planning that they ensure to keep all the eatables stored in it at their level best freshness for days.

All Kitchenaid appliances are well known for their meticulous designs and innovative technology and the Kitchenaid refrigerator with Bottom freezer is no exception. Its bottom freezer is so placed as to enable one to keep the items which are frequently used at the eye level so that they can be easily accessed and one does not need to bend for picking these items.

The exclusive range of features of these refrigerators sets them apart from other similar products. It has independent temperature sensors which are located in the freezer and the refrigerator. The state of the art extendfresh temperature management system keeps the freezer temperature at the desired level.

For fresh foods such as meat, fruits and vegetables there is a meat pan which is temperature controlled and a humidity management system which keeps humidity at ideal level to enable fruits and vegetable stay fresh. There is an interior water dispenser to provide access to filtered water and is placed just inside the refrigerator door. There is an automatic ice maker for uninterrupted supply of ice. Each of these refrigerators comes with 2 pull out baskets for storage.

The capacity of these refrigerators rages from 19 cubic foot to 25 cubic foot. The freezer compartment capacity ranges from about 5.5 cubic foot to 7.5 cubic foot and the refrigerator compartment capacity ranges from 14 cubic foot to 17.5 cubic foot.

Different models of the refrigerator come with left hand door swing and right hand door swing so that one can choose the one which is most comfortable to their use. The impeccably designed door swings allows more storage space inside. The price range of the kitchenaid refrigerator varies in between 2000 US Dollars to about 3000 US Dollars. The varied range of these refrigerators comes in a different set of colors and accessories for top up.

Above all, the Kitchenaid refrigerator with bottom freezer comes with outstanding manufacturer’s warranty that backs up the superior quality of the product and these warranties can eve be extended for a longer period.

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