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How to Purchase and Install Laminate Floating Floor in Your House

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Laminate floating flooring is one type of imitation wood flooring, similar to plastic laminate flooring, the cost of laminate flooring is much cheaper compare to solid hardwood flooring and the installation is easy.

Laminate floating floor is made of densely pressed wood fiberboard, capped with a paper layer or any other material which looks pretty much like wood. After that it gets a cover of some durable coating which will protect the look and also give it its durability.

Floating laminate floor has a layered construction. The first layer consists of a wear layer with an easy-to-clean surface containing aluminum oxide that protects your floor from fading away, stains, and wear and tear. The next layer is the Image design layer which consists of photographic images of wood or stone or almost anything else that you want.

The next inner layer is the inner core layer which is the layer responsible for floor’s stability and structural strength. This layer is composed of high-density fiberboard and often impregnated with a type of plastic resin also known as melamine for increasing the floor’s stability, resistance and strength. The last layer is the Backing layer made of resin saturated paper.

There are so many types of laminate available in the market that it can get quite confusing whether to go for tile laminate floors or stone ones, or whether bathroom floor laminate will be a good idea or you should get marbled flooring instead. So here is laminate floor buying guide to help you out.

It is quite easy to install, is resistant to most types of wear and tear, and is quite inexpensive. For installing you don’t need to remove any type of existing flooring except the carpet, and you don’t need to do any special preparation work either.

For installing a laminate floating floor you will need to get laminate floorboard and the foam under-layment. This foam under-layment acts as a cushion to the flooring and gives resiliency to it apart from producing a dampening sound. Always get at least 20% more flooring than you need so that it will compensate for miscalculations or mistakes on your part. You can use a carbide-tipped blade or handsaw for trimming flooring pieces. Always cut into the good side of the flooring to avoid any tear out or splintering of the board.

Some of the laminate floors come with attached under-layment but a “rolled out” under-layment will give you better moisture protection and sound absorption. Also take care about the coating as some manufacturers can give you cheap coatings that can prove to be hazardous to your health.

Last but not the least make sure the vendor of your laminate floor gives you a manufacturers warranty at the time of purchase. Now that you have installed laminate flooring, take good care of it and maintain it properly.


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  1. Laminating flooring is easy to clean, stable and also it is easy to install. i preferred laminating flooring for my house and its unbelievable it looks simply beautiful.

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