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Laminate Floors to Enhance Natural Beauty of Your Home

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Laminate Floor Finishes - photo by Mike BarthlowUsing laminate floors finishes for your home provides you the natural beauty of wood and ceramics without the accompanying high cost and maintenance requirements. Laminate floors are easy to install and does not require special tools and very little know-how for installation; its durable finish does not require polishing or waxing and simple to almost no maintenance.

Laminate floorings have a long list of benefits that surpass those of other flooring materials:

fade free

easy to install and maintain

more dent resistant than vinyl and wood floors

impervious to wear and stain

available in a broad assortment of styles and designs

Regardless of the architectural style of your home, there will surely be a laminate floor style to match and complement your house with all the good looks of hardwood and tile.

Some manufacturers also offer a complete laminate floor package that includes coordinated accent blocks, border pieces, moldings, baseboards, quarter rounds and reducer strips in a range of unique profiles and design.


Laminate floors beat other flooring choices hands down when it comes to maintenance. Daily cleaning and upkeep simply requires vacuuming or sweeping loose dirt and debris off the floor. You do not even need detergents, wax or household detergents to clean and maintain laminate floors.

Suggested cleaning products are widely available and you can even make them in your kitchen.

Mix 330ml white vinegar, 330ml rubbing alcohol with 330ml water. Add 8-10 drops of scented dishwashing liquid and you already have laminated floor cleaner!

You can also use window cleaner (ammonia-based) for quick touch ups.

Remove cooking spills and paint stains by applying alcohol or acetone-based nail polish remover onto a soft cloth and rubbing off the stain. Do not apply directly to the laminate floor finish.

Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to wipe off fruit juice, wine or pasta sauce. If warm water does not do the trick, spray it with window cleaner.

Keep your laminate floors dry as standing water spots can leave unsightly blemishes on your floor finish.

Never wax, sand or apply lacquer varnish to laminate floors finishes. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scouring pads as these can scratch and damage laminate floor surfaces.

With proper care and very little maintenance, laminate floors can last for a very long time. Laminate floors provide your home with an ambiance that is as unique as wooden and hardwood floors. Since they are installed on a floating base, they help reduce the pressure on your leg, knees and back, because they offer a cushioning effect, a property that tile floors and hardwood lack.

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