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What to Look For in Landscaping Design Software

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Landscaping Design Software
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The availability of landscaping design software at less than a hundred dollars, advance graphics capability of video cards, powerful computers puts 3D landscaping design capabilities at the hands of everyday users like you and me. Homeowners do not have to rely on professional landscape architects to come up with a unique landscape design to complement their homes; they can do it on their own!

Not only that, current landscaping design software allow you to include different types of plants, trees, decorative items and view them in 3D and even specify day or night lighting; even better, revisions can be done with a few mouse clicks and presto! You have several versions of the layout for your garden, front yard and back yard landscape to choose from. Some high end versions even allow you to import the architectural design or photo of your home for a more realistic rendering of the design!

Benefits of landscaping design software:

It helps you choose the right plants, grass and shrubs for your specific geographic location.

You can make almost unlimited revisions until you settle on the best suited design for your land without spending a single cent or getting your hands dirty.

They are very easy to use and designed for homeowners like you and me.

Some versions even allow you to preview how your landscaped garden will look 5 or 10 years into the future!

They offer options for planning and including sun decks, fencing, irrigation system layout, pools and gazebos.

How to choose your landscaping design software:

Make sure it has all the necessary features you need in the landscape design toolbox like zooming in, 3D rendering, lighting effects, an adequate plants and trees database.

Program controls should be easy to find, use, and understand. They should be powerful and intuitive so you don’t get frustrated using the program.

It should be easy to install and setup and give you the capability to export and import image files and drawings for seamless integration with the program.

The help documentation, FAQ, tutorial, online help and support forums should get you up and running in the shortest time possible so that you can get started designing your garden’s landscape on the same day that you bought the program.

Before you order or buy your landscaping design software, check out the various options you have by visiting the Internet and finding out the features and capabilities of available programs.

If they have trial versions you can download and use for 30 days, go ahead and download them so that you can actually test their capabilities or push the programs to their limits by designing your virtual garden right on your desktop, without breaking a sweat!

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