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Living Room Designs Should Blend Function and Visual Appeal

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Living Room Designs
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Contemporary living room designs are a perfect combination of function and visual appeal, not one without the other. Whether you want your home’s living room to be used as a formal receiving room, a family room or for entertaining friends and relatives, you can then set out to incorporate the proper living room designs in your home construction or renovation.

Do not fret even if you do not have as big space as you would like, all it takes is the strategic use of space, appliances and furniture.

First, clear all furniture and decorations from your living room. Paint it a light and airy color – banana yellow, chalk, off white or buff. This kind of interior paint makes a room seem bigger than it actually is. You can also use oversized mirrors and place them on one wall for an even grander effect.

If you prefer a living room design that incorporates more than one function for your family, choose your furniture and appliances carefully so that you can use them as a room divider to separate specific areas from one another.

Use track, built-in and pendant lighting fixtures advantageously to give any room an airy effect and make it more conducive for any type of activity – entertainment, a family room and a TV/music room combined.

Once the basics are in place, you can begin mapping out the space. To ensure that your living room is multifunctional, separate it into major areas as necessary such as relaxation/entertainment area which contain your audio and video equipment, a reception area for receiving guests and a bar area for drinks, coffee or refreshments.

For the relaxation area, you can use sectional seating, armchairs or ottomans that can do double duty as seats or tables. Set up the audio and video equipment in one side of the room and near the wall.

You can put in two armchairs facing each other in the reception area and small side tables on either side of both chairs. Or you can designate this formal corner by placing two or three armchairs at the most and give it an environment of privacy with the use of overhead pendant lights. Optionally, you can include a coffee table instead of side tables.

For the optional refreshment area, you can put in boxes of different heights that can serve as a bar or table but can be removed as required; complete the area by adding barstools and track lighting for a cozy atmosphere. If you will not designate a refreshment area in your living room, then the extra space can either be taken up by the reception area or the relaxation/entertainment area.

You are almost finished, all that’s left for you to do is add the final accents to complete your modern and multifunctional living room design that your family can use as a perfect refuge after a hard day at school and at the office or for entertaining family, friends and relatives.

By using contemporary furniture and lighting you can have an effective living room design at less expense.

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