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Living Room Sofa – The Most Important Piece of Furniture

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Living Room Sofa - photo by Scooter1Your living room sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your home’s most important room – the living room. It is in the living room where you loosen up after a tough day at the office, entertain friends, business associates and relatives and where you and the family spend quality time in front of your fireplace, the TV or just lounge around.

Your living room reveals a lot about you and your family’s character and directly influences the overall style of your home’s decoration. This makes picking out the most important living room furniture – the living room sofa – a very important and fundamental exercise. Once you have settled on the style of your living room sofa, everything else falls into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle!

If your lifestyle is casual and you often entertain visitors in the living room, a sectional sofa may be a very wise choice. A sectional living room sofa sets the perfect atmosphere when you or your friends just want to sit back, relax and watch the game on television and at the same time have a great conversation. The sectional living room sofa is also perfect for having quality time with the family. It allows you to maximize your living room area or divide the room in half by outing it strategically at the center. To further make the atmosphere more cozy and intimate, you can elect to add a loveseat, a recliner or your favorite armchair near one of the ends of the sofa.

If you would rather have a formal atmosphere in your living room, then you have to relocate your TV and settle for the standard three-person living room sofa. These types of living room sofas provide the formal mood but by simply coordinating them with a loveseat or another sofa allow you to create an informal atmosphere as well. If you have a fireplace, then you should have your living room sofa face towards it to achieve a more cozy mood.

Nice Sleeper Sofa - photo by JonJonB32However, if your home does not have a fireplace, you can use the 3-seater as a way to create a private and formal nook in one corner of the living room and leave the rest of the area in an informal and casual mood!

You can achieve a flawless coordination of the formal and modern ambiance in your living room simply by positioning your living room sofa strategically and adding a loveseat, armchairs or a second sofa in other corners of the living room.

There is no rule that dictates where the exact position or placement of living room sofas should be. It is up to your imagination and creativity to introduce your own decorative and strategic arrangement to achieve the formal and the contemporary in your living room. The secret however is not in spending a good amount of money in decorating or having an interior designer perform the task for you but in choosing your living room sofa wisely. Finding the other pieces of living room furniture to complement and match your living room sofa would then be a lot easier!

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