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The Main Front Entrance Door Say It All

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Professional interior designers do just that – they design interiors. But when you take on decorating projects in your own house you are creating a home and the exterior of the property is just as important.

I am often amazed that some of the most stunning interiors you will ever see are hidden behind the plainest façades, and in particular the most non-descript front doors ever.

As a subject which has got me going, here are a few reasons that a front door absolutely makes a house:

  • The front door color and the condition of the paint will instantly say something about the occupants. Pristine red says positive and happy, peeling old grey is more depressive and ‘can’t be bothered’.
  • Colored leaded glass in a front door, whether it is an original period piece or a modern reproduction, will send a rainbow of light across your hallway and look delightful. It looks great from the outside too, especially in combination with a solid white door or a solid brown door, and if you like taking chances maybe even mahogany.
  • Photo Courtesy of RobW
  • Treat yourself to hardwood doors and feel special every time you come home. The better quality the door, the better the security aspects too, and the more luxurious and beautiful your home will look from the outside.
  • Bring out your personality with a door knocker or doorbell. Heavy and brass for solid, imposing and dependable, novelty chimes for quirky and not-so-serious fun, just make sure you don’t give an old lady a heart attack while you’re at it.
  • Dress the front entrance door to your home. Welcome guests with flowers or miniature trees either side of the door or perhaps a porch way or trellis. Provide a boot scraper and a doormat for thoughtful convenience.
  • Match engineered wood floors to the interior face of your front door and create a beautiful entrance hall look that is also practical for heavy foot traffic.
  • If you are trying to sell then a perfect front door will catch the eye of drive-by house hunters. Capture their imagination by selling a lifestyle, not just a house.
  • Set yourself apart in an apartment complex and let everyone know you are different by refusing to remain anonymous! The front door says it all.

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