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Memory Foam Mattress- The Ultimate in Comfort Sleeping

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Memory foam mattresses are well researched high end products for ultimate in lifestyle luxury. Don’t we all dream of getting on to our bed and cozy mattress once we reach home after a hard days work. And if you thought that your bed had the best and most comfortable mattress, wait till you know the details of this foam mattress.

Memory foam bed takes the shape of the body when one lies down on it and is much denser than the common foam mattress. Many believe that it was invented by NASA to suit the astronauts on space ships but was never used.

This technology was researched and found to be apt for bedridden patients. This product was very convenient for patients who were to be in bed for several days or months as they prevented bed soars to a certain limit.

Did you know that our pressure points formed on head, hips, elbow, heels, shoulder blades and buttocks cause numbness, which is why we turn and twist at night on bed. The memory foam bed distributes the weight of the body uniformly all over thus, preventing any kind of pressure of weight on any particular bony or other point of the body. The viscous elastic features of these mattresses cradle the hollows of our bodies giving optimum comfort.

This product was very expensive initially and was mainly used for medical purpose. They are however, widely available today but one should be careful of cheap memory foam mattress.

Many even choose to use memory foam mattress topper or memory foam mattress pad or a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper which is much cheaper and a good alternative to a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress pad can also double up as a protector for the mattress. These are thinner version of mattress topper. These can be placed on the existing mattress for a good, peaceful sleep. They even help reduce pain to certain extent.

Though expensive, high density quality foam is a good buy and can last you for many years. The cheaper version lets you sink in till the bottom, very soft and comfortable but is medically hazardous as turning becomes very difficult and sleep is often disrupted.

On the other hand better quality expensive ones sink only where softened due to body heat. They are readily available in shops promoting sleeping accessories. Many shops have their own online services to cater to their customers.

They are available in many brands as well. Since it concerns your body- look out for the best. They are available in all sizes. Most common being in Single, double and queen size memory foam mattress.

Apart from the high price that works as a deterrent factor for many buyers, the chemical smell of the mattress may also be unpleasant for few.

So, start saving today for memory foam mattress and peaceful, comfortable sleep.

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