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Customized Mini Wine Rack are Stylish, Practical and Great Space Savers.

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Mini wine rack is the best option is for maximum storage space. The small wine rack must be so designed so as to hold bottles firmly in a horizontal position. The arrangement should be as dense as possible. This is the thumb rule for bottles with corks so as to keep the stoppers moist. But screw capped bottles can be kept standing upright – albeit this takes up more space.

The home wine rack can be made from wood, steel or even plastic by converting to use simple shelves or bins. Selecting bottles can be a problem because the bottle manufacturers lay stress on variations in designs rather than practicality. So the bottles may come in various sizes that eat up space. The answer to this is adjustable racks.

Bins holding a dozen or two bottles are the best for storing large numbers of the same type of wine. Drinking down the bin causes another type of problem. Hunting for wines stored below will cause constant disturbance. To avoid this, single depth racks for wine are the best options. Roughly estimated it is calculated that a square metre of wine rack will hold one hundred bottles.

Racks and cabinets displaying wine add to the décor of the home. Serving a glass of wine becomes an artistic movement. The wine rack speaks for the taste of the host whether it is a modest one or a wine cellar. The first thing is to find out the individual specific requirements.

Certain queries need to be answered like where it should be kept, should it be mobile or fixed, will it be primarily for display or storage purposes etc. Depending on these answers the user can find out the size and shape of the wine rack required.
There are in the market flexible solutions with modular racks that are expandable. Customized orders can be placed. The racks are either of wood or metal finish allowing for the right amount of air circulation.
The tabletop mini wine rack is perfect when reaching for the favourite selections without hunting around. These are space saving and yet stylish. These compact mini wine racks come in a range of designs and can be tucked away on the sideboard or kitchen counter.
For the classic feel, wine cabinets or wine cellars are the best choice as regards sophistication and style. These are curios by their own right. Another addition to the wine storage family is rolling wine carts that can be easily pushed from the kitchen to the dining room or the garden. Many racks are mounted on the wall.

The mini wine rack displays exotic wines and also doubles up conveniently into a tabletop if so designed.

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