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Miniature Fruit Trees – A Gift to Civilization From Ancient Times

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The miniature fruit trees are an extra ordinary creation by ordinary men. An absurdly original representation of the larger one, the miniature trees harvest normal size fruits within three to five year. The miniature fruit trees are a recent addition to the already existing fraternity of tree crops.

Planting trees of the mini variety in healthy gardening areas helps one to grow an orchard in the backyard, on the balcony and patios. Nursery trees need gentle care, in containers. Skill and patience determine the scale and quality of the fruit grown. A large range of seedlings or saplings is available at local nurseries that save on costs as the fruits save on budget.

Nurturing the fruit trees with macro and micronutrients to condition the soil, then pruning them to control growth and remove dead or diseased wood, stimulate formation of flowers. Flowering trees are protected by a metal fence, a trees support or a tree guard coil, which are easy to handle. It is a pleasant and interesting job for the green thumbs eager to plant trees.

Anyone with a preference for both short and sweet fruit tree may plant a genetic dwarf, which grows to a height of 3 – 4 feet and produce up to 45 apples of a regular variety. A 2 ft. high peach tree in a pot can produce 25 – 30 fresh peaches in season. In fact the dwarf fruit trees need an 8′ diameter plot to grow tangy nectarines, apricots and other variety of summer and winter fruits.

Grafting is an ancient technique to grow miniature trees. Branches of different types of fruit trees are often grafted to dwarf rootstocks to produce smaller trees. These trees have their own peculiarities. Some need high quality fertile soil whereas some are happy to grow on poor soils, braving draughts.

In tropical countries one can plant an infinite variety of miniature fruit trees including our friendly banana and lemon. In wintry lands, apples and peaches can be grown in abundance. Study of the climate helps choose the tree to be grown.

When there is an orchard in the backyard fruits taste heavenly because chemicals are not used and neither is beeswax for that telltale shine found in supermarkets. The fruits retain their natural flavors and taste, long forgotten by mankind.

Miniature fruit trees are environment friendly. The air is filtered for humans to breathe, the soil is conditioned for the plant to bear luscious fruits, the birds find shelter in this suffocating concrete civilization and pollination is effected by the almost dwindling species of butterflies. It is man who stands to gain in way of returns to its efforts.

No wonder that miniature fruit trees are an excellent weaving of art and civilization in the world today.

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