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Stylish Oak Coffee Tables Bring Elegance to your Home

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Hand Made Quarter-Sawn White Oak Coffee Table
Photo by Jaromad

Most people prefer to have oak coffee tables in their homes because it imparts an air of elegance. Due to the natural sturdiness, sheen and shiny surface of oak wood, it becomes a practical and decorative addition to any home.

There is an extensive range of oak coffee table designs, from the elaborately carved antique furniture pieces to the unobtrusive but equally elegant avant-garde style. Their prices equally span the very cheap to the very expensive.

Due to oak’s natural properties of strength and sturdiness, oak coffee tables last not only for decades but centuries, making them veritable family heirlooms that can be handed down to generations.

There are several ways to get your own oak coffee table some of the popular choices are garage sales, eBay, antique stores, second hand and used furniture stores and including local newspaper’s classified ads. If you are really fascinated about owning an oak coffee table, antique or new, then you will certainly find the coffee table that fits your home’s decor style.

If you decide to buy a second hand coffee table, chances are good that you can get them at a lower price because they would certainly require some fixing up. Since oak wood furniture gets better with age, all you need to do is just a little sanding and coating with linseed oil to restore the wood’s natural sheen. If you want it to match the overall color scheme of your home, then lacquer paint is all you need.

Moreover, fixing up old oak coffee tables is also a great way to earn money; people who do not have the time to refurbish furniture but would like to own old or antique furniture would surely love to buy refurbished and reconditioned oak coffee tables from you. If you are interested in making some money from your great furniture finds, then the best source for fixer uppers are second hand furniture stores. All you have to do is sand them down, apply wood oil to enhance its natural color and the wood’s design and you are in business.

Old oak coffee tables can fetch a substantial price if they are old and in good condition. Sometimes, you may not even need to restore them (especially antiques) since the imperfections and scratches add value and personality to antique oak coffee tables.

With the several options from where you can get a good bargain on oak coffee tables, it would surely be a worthwhile effort to find one that you’re your home decor and individual preference.

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