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Uses of Offset Patio Umbrella if You Stay in Hot Sunny Area

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An offset patio umbrella is the best solution for you if you enjoy staying outdoors in your Patio or deck and are looking for something that can provide you maximum shade and protection from direct sunlight. These umbrellas not only provide you the much needed shade without taking much of your outdoor space but also add a high dose of attractiveness to your surroundings.

Offset Umbrellas are efficient and space saving as you need not set them on a pole through the centre of your patio, rather they can be angled over a patio table. They are supported from the side and hanged unlike most umbrellas which have a central pole in them.

Offset Patio Umbrella courtesy from the shadeexperts.comOffset Patio umbrellas are also called cantilever umbrellas as they resemble the structure of those umbrellas which can be over hanged and are known as cantilever. The greatest benefit of an offset umbrella is that it provides you shade without restricting your head room. There is an option of tiling the solar light offset patio umbrella which are designed to save you from the sun. These umbrellas can be tilted to face the sun, no matter how high or low is the position of the sun.

Offset Patio umbrellas are available in various sizes, shapes, color and design. The size of the offset umbrella should be according to the size of the table over which you want to use the umbrella. A large size of patio umbrella can provide the much needed shade for your patio pool or bar.

If you have a coffee table in your verandah, you can do with a small size patio umbrella. The shape of the Patio umbrellas also decides the amount of area they will cover. A square offset umbrella will provide shade to more area then a hexagon shaped or a pentagon shaped umbrella.

Apart from the different colors and designs of the offset umbrellas, they also come in different materials. An aluminum offset umbrella is considered to be more durable and are resistant to atmospheric corrosion and rust. These umbrellas have the main rod made of aluminum and are extensively used for outdoor locations. These umbrellas can also be tilted in any direction so as to provide protection from angling sun. The Capri Aluminum tilt umbrella is an ideal offset patio umbrella.

The patio umbrellas are not only ideal but also much cheaper than the patio awnings and these offset patio umbrellas provides an effective and affordable alternative for adding sun protection to your patio in style.

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