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Steps to How to Get Green Grass in Winter From an Overseed Lawn

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If you are really impressed with the looks of an overseed lawn and want to overseed your lawn to give it a spruced up look, then you must spend some time to read the instructions below and follow them so as to get a lawn which you have dreamt about.

Before learning how to overseed a lawn, you must know what is meant by overseeding. As the name itself suggests, it is the process in which you sow seed over the existing grass to fill in the bald patches which may have occurred in your lawn due to various reasons.

You should note that if you have a healthy grass in your lawn and there are only few bald patches then you may cover your lawn by overseeding, but if more than 50% of your lawn is damaged and the grass is also not so healthy then it is advisable to tear up your old lawn and sow seeds afresh to get a fresh new look.

DIYIf you have a DIY lawn and want to do the gardening and overseeding yourself then you must pay proper attention to the process so that you get a good quality grass. First of all you need to decide on how much seed to purchase according to the area of your lawn. You should not buy inexpensive seeds as they may prove a wrong bargain and should opt for premium fescue blend. Before sowing the seeds the lawn must be mowed and all the clippings etc. should be properly removed.

In order to secure good germination, you must ensure that seed is properly incorporated in the soil. You can use a rented verticut machine for the same that will cut grooves in the lawn and prepare a bed for sowing the new seed. You must go over the lawn in two directions with the venticutter and then distribute the grass seed with the help of a broadcast spreader.

Fertilizers and soil activators must be properly used to improve the fertility of the soil. Once the grass is established, lawn nutrients and grass nutrients must be sprinkled so as to keep the grass fresh, green and healthy. Winterizers may also be used once the new seed is up for 30 days or so.

All these efforts are sure to yield positive results and you are sure to get a lush green yard in the spring too. Proper watering and fertilizing program is bond to keep your lawn in good shape and enable you to reap the maximum advantages out of an overseed lawn.


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  1. Maryam Kaur says:

    Graden lawn really makes an outside or indoor garden great looking.~.-

  2. Poppy Scott says:

    i am still looking for the best type of garden lawn that we need to use on our home garden.;:;

  3. our garden lawn has been feed with only organic stuffs and it is really very healthy `;:

  4. our garden lawn is always trimmed and they are always kept very healthy by two sprinkles and adequate sunlight*.~

  5. the garden lawn that we have at home is always fertilized with organic stuffs that is why they are very healthy ~”,

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