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A Step By Step Guide to Paint Steel Door

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Why you must paint steel door?

If you have a steel door in your house or car garage, then you might want it to last as long as it can. Therefore, caring for it can make it last longer than other steel doors. If it is painted then its life span is a little more than steel doors which are left unpainted.

Firstly, if the door is attached to the room, then it might be a little difficult for you to paint it. Climbing ladders and painting the top most part of the door might not be a very easy task. Therefore, it is best to detach the door and paint it.

There are certain things which you must keep in mind. The door should be free from dust particles and Painting Steel Doorother debris or flakes of paints, etc. painting steel doors would be easier if you know how to paint steel doors. You must lay the door on a flat surface so that it becomes easier for you to paint. Painting steel door neatly is an important thing. To prevent the paint from dripping, you must lay it on a flat area, as said earlier.

Before you get started, you might require a few things in order to paint steel door. Things like paint, primer, tools or materials with which you can remove the flakes of your old paint, soap water which you need to clean the steel door and instruments to detach the door from the wall, sand paper and a dry cloth to dry off the extra soap water.

First thing that you need to do before painting metal doors is that, you need to remove all extra metallic parts like knobs, hinges, locks etc. Then with soap water, cleanse your door well so that dirty particles do not remain on it. If the water is taking longer time to dry then you can wipe it off with the dry cloth.

After this, you can rub the sand paper all over the door. The sand paper makes the door a little rough so that it becomes easier to paint. If your door consists of any part which is non metallic and is not to be painted, then you can cover it with old newspapers or any wastage cloth. The cloth should be clean if you are covering any part made of glass as dirty cloth may leave scratches on the glass.

Then you can apply a coat or two of primes. After it has dried, you can paint it with the help of brushes. If you are not fond of using a brush, then you can also try spray painting doors.

After the door has dried, you can fix back the loose parts and fix it back into the wall again. Depending on the type of door you have, you can go to markets and buy the best paint for metal doors.

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