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Tips To Making Paper Christmas Ornament For Adding A Personal Touch To Your Christmas Celebrations

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The creative fun with paper Christmas Ornament is a unique experience. Christmas is a time for gaiety, fun and frolic. But there is a difference between walking into the shops and splurging in Christmas shopping or do something personal that has an individual stamp.

Money can be thrown around assigning event managers to stage the Christmas extravaganza but arranging and planning the fun days ahead with family and friends’ pitching in is a priceless experience. Paper continues to be one of the cheapest raw material available. Paper combining with enthusiastic nimble fingers will add zest to Christmas thrills.

Fun with paper Christmas Ornament is especially educative for children who learn to innovate and create. It brings out hidden talents and they also learn to value individual labour and experience and the truth that money cannot buy everything.

The operation of fun with paper is not difficult – literally hundreds of ideas are available on the Internet. Paper can be cut out, coloured and hug just anywhere to give the Christmas feel of winter warmth.

Green construction paper is excellent for cutting out a Christmas tree. An alternative is to colour one or two pages from easel pad paper. The animal ornaments are hot favourites. Then there are various shapes and sizes on which can be written verses for reading aloud. The instructions to follow are simple and easy.

The paper Christmas Ornament shapes are varied – balls, stars, triangles and you name it. The sets can be printed out on heavy cardboard and then punched for allowing a string to pass through to enable hanging. There are also ornament hangers, paper clips and coloured ribbon or yarn and string that will serve the purpose.

The shapes may be filled in with colourful bold horizontal and vertical stripes or smiling faces. Paper can also be cut out to look like holly leaves, berries, smiling faces, stars, bells, mistletoe or a dog wearing the cap of a clown.

Paper Christmas ornaments make excellent gifts that children can give to teachers, friends and relatives. Colours can be used liberally – something children love to do. Adults will enjoy sneaking in on the plea of giving a helping hand and joining in the fun.

Markers and crayons can be used. The paper Christmas Ornaments can be hung from the ceiling, windows, and trees or from a rope that has been put up from one corner of the room to the opposite one.

A note of warning for paper Christmas ornaments being hung outside the house – use a short string for the purpose. The reason is simple – birds will pull at long ones planning ahead for nest building! It could result in our feathered friends getting tangled and injured during the festive season. Keep these tips in mind while making paper Christmas Ornament and have a merry Christmas!!


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  1. well it is nearing for us to buy some christmas ornaments for the coming christmas“`

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