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Pillow Sewing Patterns Include a Wide Range of Pillows for Decorative Purposes

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photo courtesy of CatherinePicture Showing Wide Range of Decorative Pillow Sewing Patterns
Pillow Sewing Patterns include decorative oven mitts, dress pillow, doll pillow, teddy bear craft, scented hot pad, grandma rat pillow, turtle pillow, holly hobby broom doll, summer camp toiletries holder, wine bottle bag etc…..Every pillow sewing pattern has its own kind of application.

Like decorative oven mitts that suit your kitchen background is used to hang in your kitchen and helps you to hold the hot utensils and dishes in oven. A dress pillow helps you to decorate your children’s bedroom. A doll pillow is made from leftover pieces of clothes. It also adds charms to your house.

An easy travel pillow is best for child while traveling. A teddy bear craft is charming and soft teddy bear that can be special gift for someone special. There are pillow patterns for all these special pillows.

A scented hot pad is used to decorate the dinning table. A summer camp toiletries is a great thing for camping. A wine bottle bag can be a perfect addition to the wine that you would like to gift someone.

Sewing a pillow is not a tough job if one does it with accuracy and perfect knowledge. Once you know the basic strategy of stitching, then you can easily stitch any items.

To brighten your house with hand stitched pillows as well as splashing colors then you have to learn how to make pillows. As normal square pillows are very easy to prepare and so one must begin with this chapter.

How to sew pillows?

Fabric of your own choice and which is enough to make two squares of size you want must be selected at the very first step. Seam allowance of half inch all around is also required. Other materials that are required for sewing a pillow are pillow form, polyester fiber filling, chopped foam, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

In order to insert a personal look to rooms of your house, decorative pillows are the best way. Inspite of small size of the pillows it can be a bit expensive if one buys it from market. So it is better to stitch such pillows at home.

Once you have selected your trims and fabrics for pillows, next you have to decide the shape of the pillows. You also need to decide whether you want the pillows to have a changeable cover or a permanent cover.

To prepare the pillow firstly, cut the fabric into two equal square pieces that would be half inch bigger than the standard size of your pillow. Then keep those two squares as such that they are on top of each other. One thing must be kept in mind while pillow sewing is that the brighter side of the fabric must face each other. And now sew round the three sides of the pillow with the help of a sewing machine. The fourth side is left for filling or to put the covers.

This is the way by which you can accomplish many sewing projects that you want to undertake.

Different kinds of pillow sewing patterns not only add decoration to your house but also increase your personal creativity.

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