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Pinnacle Wood Flooring for Aristocratic Elegance with Affordability for the Best Floors

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Pinnacle wood flooring is the best as regards usability, style and pocket friendliness. It will give a distinctive look to each separate room with it rich pulsating colours and underfoot ease.

Bonus points are that these are hygienic by nature, in tune with the environment and require little attention. Pinnacle hardwood floors are aesthetically beautifully and extremely lasting.

Pinnacle wood floors gives return for value. The latest molecular coating operation protects the flooring with the toughest stuff that is available today. The finish gives a crystal clear sheen through which the original look of natural wood penetrates through.

Wood flooring Pinnacle has become a byword in the world of flooring industry. It only requires routine care and there is no trouble of waxing and buffing. It is easy to instal with the tongue and groove method that fixes firmly the individual units in place.

Pinnacle wood products are all under the scan of the highest quality standards. All the items of Pinnacle proudly display Lifetime Structural Integral Warranty.

Pinnacle wood flooring needs some attention. It is easy. Sweep or vacuum clean regularly. Whenever there is a spill, wipe it clean fast Avoid mopping up floor with water. Pinnacle floor cleaner will be the best for the purpose. Other products will also suffice provided the instructions of the manufacturer are followed.

Unless routine care is taken, as with all things, dust and grunge will make the floor look dull or scratchy. While using a cleaner take a cloth that is soft. Stubborn marks may be first scrubbed with acetone and then with the cleaner.

Prevention being better than cure use of mats and rugs is suggested. The floor space leading to the kitchen and bathroom need special attention. Choose the rugs bearing in mind that these are slip-proof and will not stain the floor. It is best to avoid solid rubber or vinyl packed items.

Floor protector pads under furniture that are heavy, like cabinets and sofas will lessen the possibility of indentation. Felt floor protectors are the best for this use. Casters too may be used to ease the pressure on the floors. Cylinder type casters will be better than the ball types.

Spiked heels and stiletto harm floors. Heavy objects should not be rolled or slid across the floor surface. The claws of pets too are harmful on floors. Temperature affects the wood. During dry climate a humidifier may be used to lessen the gaps between the boards. On the other hand dehumidifiers will prevent swelling on the other hand.

Bearing these minor maintenance points it may be said that pinnacle wood flooring is peerless when is shopping around for the classic touch of wood to grace the house.


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  1. I am also of the opinion that Pinnacle Wood Flooring is indeed very good.

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