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Why Radiant Ceiling Heat is Considered Most Comfortable Form of Radiant Heating

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Radiant ceiling heat is becoming a popular form of heating as it does its work silently and is also good for your skin. This heating system heats up your home in the same way as the sun does. People find it more comfortable as it evenly distributes the heat in the entire room and there are no hot spots. It also does its work silently- thereby without intruding in your living space.

There is no requirement of any blowers in radiant ceiling heat system. Radiant heat ceiling involves installing electrical radiant elements under the floors, inside walls or even on the ceiling. Installing radiant ceiling heater implies installation of radiant heat panels on your ceiling. These radiant heating systems can be used as primary source of heating for a building or room or can even be used as a supplementary or zoned heat source.

The right placement of panels is very important as these panels warm objects directly and do not warm the air inside. In other form of conventional heating systems such as the ceiling fan heater, the entire air temperature is increased but radiant heating systems do allow a lower air temperature, although warming the occupants inside.

The areas that you choose for radiant heating will have a control that will be marked from low to high temperature. The current room temperature is however not displayed in radiant ceiling heat systems. These systems are also available with thermostats which can be fitted in every room with zoned heating option.

Apart from the ceiling heat, the hydraulic radiant heating which involves flowing of hot water through pipes and tubes in areas to be heated is also used. This system is commonly used in snowy areas under roads so as to keep snow and ice away from accumulating.

The major advantage of radiant ceiling heating apart from its effectiveness is that it helps in saving a lot on electricity and power bills. As there are no blowers, there are even no filters involved and as such there is no requirement of any maintenance or servicing. There are no leakage or pressure problems also. As the moisture content of the air can be maintained, you can also prevent dust and pollen from circulating in the air.

Radiant heating system is also very common as bathroom ceiling heater and for log homes, stable and porches. Radiant heating can also protect your plants when there is no sunlight and can be used in greenhouses.

Whenever you think of floor or ceiling heating, radiant ceiling heat systems offer an amazing and acceptable choice.

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