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Raised Beds Gardening Make for Better Herb Gardens at Home

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Raised Beds Vegetables Gardening
photo by Dave Stroble

Raised beds gardening is a better and more efficient type of gardening than conventional gardening methods. With raised beds gardening, you do not have to bother yourself with neutralizing moles and gophers every so often. This type of gardening is highly recommended for people who do not want to undertake the heavy work of planting a regular garden but still want to engage in gardening for their family’s consumption of herbs and vegetables or simply for the relaxation and peace of mind gardening offers! Although the initial setup of raised beds requires hard work and a longer period of preparation, once set up maintenance is very easy and straightforward.

First, put in the boundaries, 1 meter wide by 30cm high by 3 meters long (or depending on your preference). You can use wood, bricks or stone for the walls of your raised bed garden.

As soon as the walls are up, install fine metal screening on the bottom to keep moles and gophers away from your raised bed garden.

Before putting in the soil, put some 2”-3” rocks and gravels at the bottom to act as a filtering agent and for better drainage. You can begin putting your topsoil up to the top of the raised bed walls. Apply fertilizer and water the soil to allow the fertilizer nutrients to mix in thoroughly. Do not plant for at least 3 days.

For better soil treatment, you can even put some earthworms in the raised bed garden right after watering it down. Earthworms will make your new garden healthier and more appropriate for your herbs and vegetable.

You can also choose to enrich your raised be garden by putting in compost from leaves and grass clippings.

Raised bed gardens provide a clever way to grow plants closer to one another and using the interplay of various plant leave colors, you can make our garden a work of art as well.

Raised bed gardening also offers better effective control of soil erosion, water and nutrient conservation making your raised bed better suited for your plants all year round.

If you do not want to spend extra work in preparing your raised bed garden, you can buy ready made raised bed kits available from gardening stores nationwide. These kits include everything that you need to get started on raised bed gardening. You have several choices to choose from like a two-tier raised bed, an imitation stone enclosed or wood enclosed raised bed garden made of high impact UV material, including self-watering versions.

The design and craftsmanship of these raised bed garden kits make gardening a fun and relaxing way to spend time while growing herbs and vegetables for your family.

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