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Recessed Bathroom Cabinets Provide Better Space Utilization

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Recessed Wood Bathroom Cabinets
Photo by Dan Obermaier

Remodeling your bathroom is not simply a matter of replacing old fixtures and cabinets with new ones. Since the bathroom is one of the more important places in your home, it is best to use the space available by installing recessed bathroom cabinets.

Space holds a premium in any room of the house and this is so in the bathroom for your need storage space to hold your toiletries, linens, medicines etcetera. Since you are in a bathroom remodeling project then you should realize even as early as the planning stages that bathroom cabinets play a very important role in maintaining a well-organized bathroom. You should also be aware that whatever type of bathroom cabinets you choose they may consume a big chunk of your expenses so it is best to decide early on what types of bathroom cabinets you want to install.

Today’s bathroom furnishings come in a variety of style and finishes from antique looking to the stylish. As the main focal point of your bathroom, you can choose from a wide variety of recessed bathroom cabinets. Think about the overall theme that you want in your bathroom and make sure that your choice of recessed bathroom cabinet as a central point can easily be complemented by other cabinets and accessories you plan to install.

On either side of your recessed bathroom cabinet you can install bathroom linen cabinets or install the linen cabinet at the bottom, install a mirror as the door of the recessed bathroom cabinet and use the cabinet top as a place for your toiletries!

If your recessed bathroom cabinet is near a corner don’t despair install a bathroom corner cabinet on the side so that it would fit in perfectly! You can use the bathroom corner cabinet to hold other bath supplies or whatever you want. that you can use that are available in a wide variety of designs.

If you have the need for more storage space then the best type of cabinet to put in another wall of your bathroom is the floor-to-ceiling wall mounted cabinets.

Choosing the right cabinet is not difficult either since the Internet is full of resources. You will never run out of choices regardless of the material of cabinetry that you prefer to install in your bathroom.

If money is not an object, then you can have custom-designed cabinets of any material, color and style you prefer. However, you have to keep in mind that your choice of recessed bathroom cabinets can have a big influence on the overall look and feel. Spend the time in thinking about positioning your bathroom cabinets strategically as it will definitely impact the overall appeal of your bathroom. Remember, the decisions on the types of cabinets to install are all yours to make. There are ready made stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets.

Remodeling your bathroom need not be expensive if you make shop around and choose the right cabinets especially the recessed bathroom cabinets, the focal point of your bathroom. It’s up to you to transform your bathroom into an organized and elegant room where you can relax and spend quality time in the tub.


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  1. The best bath remodeling salt lake city ideas i’ve seen was in fushia colored tiles.

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