Monday, December 18, 2017

Step-by-Step Guide to Refinishing Furniture

Some people enjoy restoring and refurbishing furniture that is old, unsightly and dilapidated look beautiful again. It could be someone’s cast-offs but bringing it back to its former glory through renovation is such a wonderful process that there are people who make this hobby a living.

Making another person’s junk become valuable and putting in a labor of love in the process is what makes refinishing furniture such a pleasurable undertaking. Especially if you are renovating a piece of furniture; the transformation from dilapidated to something that is valuable and useful happens right before your own eyes.

If you are interested in pursuing the hobby, here are the basic step-by-step procedures you need to know in order to get started.

Sand the furniture, completely. For the first sanding, use 120 grain sandpaper. Sanding is a very important step prior to beginning the restoration procedure. You have to remove all traces of prior paints or finish on the wood and reveal the wood grain itself. After cleaning the furniture with 120 grain sandpaper, wash it and dry in the sun.

Repeat the sanding process using 220 grain sandpaper. The second sanding with finer sandpaper is necessary to remove blemishes from the first sanding.

Wash off any grits or wood dust from the furniture by washing it down and allow it to dry under the sun.

When completely dry, apply a coat of grain filler so that the overall surface will have a smooth surface. After applying the filler, allow it to dry and sand it again. This time, use 500 grain sandpaper. Make sure that the surface of the furniture is smooth to the touch and uniform in finish.

Use a damp cloth to clean any left over dust on the furniture.

Coat the furniture with sanding sealer twice. Allow to dry and smoothen with 500 grain sandpaper. Next, it was time to prime for stain using a sanding sealer.

For best results, allow to stand for 24 hours before the next and final step. Wood stain application.

When the wood stain is dry, finish off the project by covering it with oil based polyurethane coating to give your furniture piece extra durability and a gleaming shine.

Very simple isn’t it? This is the secret of how to bring back the glory of old and dilapidated furniture pieces!

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