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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Yourself

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Refinishing Living Room Hardwood Floor - photo by Kenny LandisKeep in mind that refinishing hardwood floors can be a worthwhile do-it-yourself or family project on weekends. Not only can you save a big amount of money, you can enjoy doing the project your wife and other members of the family.

While it may take you longer than if you were to pay a professional to do the job, you have all the freedom to make sure you achieve the effect you want for the whole house or for different rooms in the house.

There are many books and online resources are readily available that deal with refinishing wood floors from where you can sufficient and helpful information. You can even rent the heavy-duty sander required for refinishing hardwood floors from several equipment rental suppliers only on the days you need to use it. Simply make sure that you provide a copy of your schedule so it does not get rented out to others on the same day!

To prepare to refinish hardwood floors in your house, decide on whether you want to do it one or two rooms per weekend. Move all the furniture, rugs or mats and ensure that the area you will work in is free from any obstacles. Make sure that you have an ample supply of dust masks for everyone who will help you in refinishing hardwood floors.

Strip off the old finish by light moving sander in a straight along the pattern of the hardwood boards instead across, especially if the hardwood floor beveled or slanted edges with small grooves. Make sure that you apply the lightest pressure in moving the sander, making sure not to let it linger in one place for a long time to avoid gouging the hardwood floor.

As soon as you have sanded off the original finish, immediately sweep up or vacuum up the dust and give the floor a once over with a damp mop to make sure that dust and dirt are taking up. This is very important because when you dust, dirt and excess water will show up when you apply the stain and finish. By then it is too late.

As soon as the floor is totally dry (leaving it to dry overnight may be a good idea) you are ready to begin with the next stage of refinishing hardwood floors. You can either stain or leave the wood in its natural color. Keep in mind that stain and the polyurethane finish gives extra protection to the hardwood floor. The choice is yours if you want to use stain (there are several colors you can choose from). In applying the finishing coat, you can also choose between one that is glossy and one that has a low luster. In hard wood flooring refinishing, it is important that the stain (if you use it) is completely dry before you apply another coat or begin with the finishing coat. Remember, the more coats you apply, the more glossy your floor will be.

Hardwood floor refinishing is not a one- or two-weekend project; it takes an inordinate amount of time. However, you can do it without moving out of the house since the coatings for refinishing hardwood floors do not have any strong fumes that pose a hazard for anyone with respiratory problems. The only precaution you have to take is not to walk on the floor until the finish is completely dry. Otherwise, your footprints or you children’s will be on the floor until your next refinishing project!

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