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Refinishing Wooden Doors Should be Done in Time

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Refinishing Wooden Door with New Paint
Refinishing wooden doors needs certain expertise and the knowledge of how wood actually works. Wooden doors have a nostalgic and romantic appeal as it harks back to the days when houses had either stone or wood floors/doors and concrete was unheard of.

Wooden doors were considered very strong and sturdy and indeed, try moving a really old wooden door even now; it will not budge an inch. The modern wooden doors though they may not be as sturdy as the rock solid ancient ones are still strong enough to be used regularly in homes, offices, garages etc. Not only do they last for a long time, they also look very good and various designs can be chosen to make these wooden doors.

However, there are certain disadvantages of having wooden doors and therefore wood door refinishing is a must to maintain the old doors or to protect the new ones. Front doors or any exterior wooden doors are exposed to outdoor elements more than the indoor ones and are more prone to damage.

They may crack, warp or contract, expand and thus refinishing exterior wood doors or refinishing front doors become top priority not only for aesthetic reasons but also for security purposes. These doors may need to be repainted or refinished every alternate year.

To better refinish wood doors and to maintain those for a longer period of time its better to check the conditions of the doors at least once a year. Any chipping or cracking, if attended to immediately, will save you more refinishing labor later on.

Since wood is extremely vulnerable to weather changes, keep your eyes open for any lines appearing on the doors or the paint going off. Check whether the hinges are still holding on. As the saying goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, so does taking care of your wooden doors in the nick of time saves you a lot of bother later on.

To give a totally new look to your rooms/ cabinets or hallway simply refinish wood doors of those areas/cabinets. Painting the doors a different color or letting the natural wood color remain after stripping the old paint off are some ways in which you can add some novelty to your cabinets or rooms.

Refinishing the wood doors by painting them the same color as your walls will give a seamless effect and make a small space look large. But, take professional help when refinishing wooden doors as they will be better able to advise you on what design elements can be safely added without compromising on the safety or how the doors should be taken off or what type of polish or paint should be used on them.

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