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Rubbermaid Garbage Cans – Your Total Garbage Storage Solution!

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All homeowners face the bleak prospect of having their garbage strewn all over the yard or street due to raccoons, stray dogs and cats.

For some indeterminate reason, raccoons are at the top of the list when it comes to raiding garbage cans. They can find a way to get into the common garbage cans most people use regardless if they tie them down or even if it has a lid. Although ordinary garbage cans can stop stray dogs or cats, they are a pushover for raccoons!

The only deterrent that I found that can handle all garbage can threats is the range of Rubbermaid garbage cans. They are not simply temporary garbage storage cans they come in various designs, are very durable and have both indoor and outdoor types that can seamlessly fit in your home’s decorative style. It is a relatively stylish way of keeping your home trash-free while still having a clean and durable storage for garbage until they are picked up by the sanitation department.

Based on my experience, the best Rubbermaid garbage can for outdoor use is the Roughneck Trash Can model. This is the only outdoor garbage can that withstood all the attacks of rummaging dogs, cats and even the pesky raccoon. The lid on the Roughneck Trash Can fits securely on to the receptacle but at the same time is easy for people (even children) to remove and put back on. Even sanitation people recommend them to homeowners since it also makes their life easier when they pick up the garbage.

Aside from their outdoor models, there are Rubbermaid garbage cans that can fit indoors as well that can complement your interior’s color and style. And they don’t look like plastic at all! With various colors, designs and styles to choose from, it’s not wonder that Rubbermaid garbage cans are becoming the garbage cans of choice for the discriminating homeowner.


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  1. R. Gruber says:

    I stopped animals from tearing up my garbage bags by dosing the garbage with red pepper sauce. Once was enough!

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