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Scratches on Hardwood Floor – Remove It And Looks As New

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Hardwood Flooring ScratchesScratches on hardwood floor can change the looks of a wooden floor’s royal and classy look forever. Therefore maintaining it is a very difficult and important task. A wooden floor makes your house look very comfortable and elegant. If you take care of the wooden floor, it can serve you a life time. Therefore it is very important to remove the wooden floor scratches.

Wooden floors are usually made from timber or bamboo. Another type of bamboo wood known as the grass bamboo wood also can be used for flooring your house. Talking about wooden floors, there are mainly two types of wooden flooring that is commonly used in houses.

First is the solid wood flooring, in which all the planks of wood are made of solid timber wood. Basically, one type of wood is used in this. The other type of flooring is the engineered wooden flooring. In this type, the wooden plank is made from two or more types of woods. Usually, the engineered wooden floors are more preferred than the solid wood floor as the engineered floor has more shades and designs to offer.

Fixing scratches on hardwood floor would become easier if you knew what exactly to do. Firstly, you need to examine the scratch whether it is a very deep one or not. If the scratch is a light one and you can not see the dark wood inside, then you can simply paint back the wax that got scratched off. If you feel that the scratch is not very deep but a little more than just the wax has been removed, then you can contact your manufacturer and ask for varnish or the color that matches your wooden floor.

If you are removing scratches from hardwood floor all by yourself, then there are certain things that you might require. You must have an electric sander. Varnish, paints etc. are also required. The best way to get rid of the scratches is to contact your manufacturer so that he can send someone who can help you to remove the scratches. If you are inexperienced in this work, then you might spoil the wooden floor as well. Therefore, it is more preferable to seek help from an expert.

Scratches can be caused due to various things like shoes, moving furniture etc. Dents in hardwood floors can also be caused in the same way or if any heavy material is accidentally dropped on the wooden floor. In such case, there are certain things you can follow and give your floor a new look.

Filling up the dent is a very important task. You can buy puffy sticks and fill up the dents. Then, you can use a very soft brush to apply the varnish or the color of the wooden floor. Afterwards, when the entire thing is perfectly back to its place, you can also polish wax on it so that the floor keeps on shining. Thus scratches on hardwood floor can be easily removed now.

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