Monday, December 18, 2017

Smoke Alarms to Protect Your Home from Fire

Not so long ago, smoke alarms are not a necessity in other rooms of the home but a must in the kitchen area. Early smoke alarms are not as sophisticated as today’s models because more often than not, they go off when dinner gets burned!

Today, however, smoke alarms are more sensitive and do not ordinarily go off if it is a simple case of food getting burned. If today’s models go off now, you will be certain that immediate action is necessary.

Installing smoke alarms in just about every room in your home is the best precaution against fire, especially faulty electrical wiring. However, smoke alarms can not do the job alone. Each homeowner should do their part in ensuring that the battery is regularly checked. Better yet, get a smoke alarm that emits a continual beep to indicate low battery power and that they should be replaced. This way, you do not have to monitor your batteries but will always be aware when to replace them in order to benefit from smoke alarm protection 24/7/365!

Optionally, you can have your smoke alarms wired into your home security system. Doing so, your home security system will automatically alert your monitoring service immediately if smoke is detected. The company calls you to determine if a problem exists and if the fire department needs to respond. If you answer the call and it is a case of burnt dinner, then no action is taken. However, if you do not respond they automatically call the appropriate agency to send help on site. Investing in a smoke alarm can spell the difference between a small fire and a total loss.

Even if you rent a house, an apartment or a condominium you should always check if there are smoke alarm systems and how to maintain them for your own peace of mind and protection.

Aside from smoke alarm systems, it is always a good idea to back up your alarm system with a fire extinguishers rated for various types of fire in order to be on the safe side and to enjoy peace of mind.

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