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Solar Yard Lights – New Phase of Lighting In This Era of Energy Crisis

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solar power garden lamp
Solar yard lights are amazing! Today, the whole world is facing the energy crisis and the goal is to search for an alternate source of energy that is renewable and is easy on our pockets. With the push for renewable sources of energy, solar power is highly recommended.

I have installed new solar yard lights in my outdoor. To my surprise, my electricity bills are not only reduced, the décor of my out door is also enhanced. Furthermore, they are just easy to install. You just have to select the place and then set the fixture there or you can even hang them.

Solar lighting is the most popular cost effective way of illuminating your garden or outdoor. These outdoor garden lights get charged with the solar power through out the day and light up your garden at night.

Other advantages that the solar yard lights enjoy over the traditional yard lighting are being inexpensive, no extensive wiring and above all, safe to use. In addition to that, they are easy to maintain.

Most of the solar landscape lights have sensors attached to them. These sensors discern the beginning of dawn and dusk and work accordingly i.e. the process of turning the lights on and off is automatic.

Solar yard lights have become a popular choice of modern world, as number of people are switching from traditional lighting to solar lighting. These lights are not only affordable, they are ideal to boost up the look of your outdoor. Hence, the aesthetic quality of such lights cannot be ignored.

The basic components of solar yard lights include a controller board, a solar cell, a rechargeable battery, a sensor, light emitting diode and yard lighting case. The battery of the solar yard light gets charged with help of solar cell which receives power from the sun.

The solar cell efficiently converts the solar energy to electricity for the battery. Thus, the solar yard light is illuminated due to the light emitting diode present in the lighting case. These lights require very less power to light up your outdoor throughout the night. So, the battery gets charged even in cloudy days.

With the advancement in technology, the latest solar yard lights are more strong and efficient. Being easy on pockets and simple to maintain, solar yard lights have become a preferred choice of modern world. These days, the use of solar lights is not restricted to home yards. They are now widely used to illuminate parking areas, streets and corners and many other public places.

Let’s come forward and adapt solar yard lights for cleaner and greener environment!


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  1. for garden lights, we used Light Emitting Diodes to save some electrical energy.,~,

  2. Detox diet  says:

    amorphous type solar cells are the cheapest option that we cant get if we want solar power:~-

  3. Garden lights that are made up of LED are the best because they consume less electricity compared to incandescent lamps “–

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