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Stackable Wine Racks Make for Efficient, Attractive and Elegant Wine Storage Solutions

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Stackable Wine Rack - photo by Karen HamiltonIf you do not have a wine cellar in your house and are looking for economy of space and stylishness, a stackable wine rack is the perfect solution for your wine storage woes. They are affordable, come in various configurations and you can add to them as your wine collection grows over time.

Drinking wine is a widely accepted practice because it complements any meal on the banquet table. Wine enjoys an enviable position as the beverage of choice among accomplished gourmands. However, to enjoy wine at its fullest best, you need to store and maintain in it the proper manner in specially designed wine racks with the bottles in the horizontal position.

Wine Needs to be Stored in a Horizontal Position

Wine bottles are sealed with a cork made from tree bark. Storing the wine bottle in horizontally keeps the cork moist and makes it impermeable to air. If wine is stored vertically, the cork dries and shrinks and allows air to penetrate in the bottle damaging the wine composition through oxidation. It is therefore mandatory to store wine bottles horizontally to ensure the cork is moist at all times and prevent the oxidation of the wine.

Wine racks are designed within these parameters to ensure that those who care enough about their much loved grape beverage will always have the best wine available any time all the time.

Choosing the Right Wine Rack

If you have a cellar or a basement, choosing the right type of wine rack is not a problem. However, this is not the case for everyone. There is a large variety of wine racks available in the market but picking the right one can be tricky. Most people initially choose a small wine rack, only to end up having to add more in different sizes and configurations as their wine collection grows, ending up with a jumble of different racks.

If space is a premium, your best choice is to invest in a stackable wine rack. At the onset, you have to make a choice as to whether it should be metal, wood, ceramic or wicker. You can start with a small wine rack that can hold 12 or 18 bottles and add another section on top as your collection grows. In this way, you can store your wine bottles wherever you want in your home – the living room, kitchen, counter tops, dining room, etc.

The most preferred wine rack is wood because it adds an old world atmosphere. However, all other materials are equally good. They all come in various colors that can match or offset your interior’s décor and furniture.

One great advantage stackable wine racks is that you do not need any screws or bolts to connect them, you basically stack them one on top of the other. However, do not stack more than the recommended height to avoid accidents or mishaps. If you prefer, you can get stackable wine racks that are connected by dowel pins for a surer footing, nevertheless, even these are not recommended by go higher than 1½ meters high.

You can opt to buy a standard stackable wine rack that you can put on the floor and another one that can fit in your refrigerator for those dinners that call for white wine, as they require chilling before being served.

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