Thursday, November 23, 2017

Beautify Your Home with Stained Glass Windows

Unique Stained Glass Window
photo by Craig Jewell

Stained glass windows can definitely make people see your home in a totally different light. You can easily enhance your home’s old windows by replacing the panes with stained glass windows which provide an air of grace and elegance both inside and out.

Stained glass windows have a long and rich history and are commonly identified with churches; presently, the use of stained glass windows is not limited to churches anymore but can be used in almost any type building or structure.

If you want to give your home the elegant stained glass window treatment, how you do it will depend a great deal on the style of windows you have in your house, where you want to put it and ultimately, how much you want to spend to achieve that elegant multi- colored glow stained glass windows provide.

If you happen to have a home with wood framed windows that has six or nine panes, you can replace the upper and bottom rows with stained glass and keep the center portion to the window a facelift.

It is best to look for stained glass at antique stores or garage sales; it is cheaper to cut old stained glass as you can get several panes from one sheet. New and handmade stained glass is quite costly because of the craftsmanship that goes into making a single piece. However if your budget allows you can make your own customized stained glass window. Supplies for making stained glass windows are available at home improvement and DIY stores.

Special Custom Made Polo Design Stained Glass Window
photo by Jennifer Ettinger

By installing stained glass windows in your home, you are actually working towards a synergy of the old and the new and making them work together in harmony to achieve elegance. Making your own stained glass windows gives you the satisfaction of incorporating your own color choices and designs, the way you want it; not to mention that it would be relatively cheaper if you were to give the design to a professional stained glass window craftsman. Simple designs are easy to produce but if you want to elevate your stained glass window making ability to a higher and more professional level, you have to take classes. Most stained glass retail store offer this option to interested individuals are normally offered at nighttime.

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