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Nuts and Bolts about Storage Sheds

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Although you may not know it yet, you will soon have a requirement for a storage shed, especially after you have built your own house or even if you re just renting a house in the suburbs. Any outdoor storage building where you store tools, excess family furniture that you don’t want to throw away or old family heirlooms can qualify as a storage shed.

Most storage sheds are made of wood; however, more and more people are gradually building storage sheds that are made of concrete or from old 10-foot or 20-foot metal container vans. In terms of durability, concrete or metal storage sheds generally last longer than their wooden counterparts. Maintenance of wooden structures is time-consuming and they normally do not last more than 20 years unless you construct your storage shed from hardwood which is highly improbable.

Most people I know store their lawn, carpentry and vehicle tools in their storage sheds including old furniture, unused household items etcetera. In terms of visual appeal, wood is the hands down winner but when you consider durability, most people opt for concrete or remodeled container vans as storage sheds.

Personally, I use a modified container van complete with windows and an extra side door on the wide side (aside from the regular swing doors which I use for bulky materials). I painted it the same color as my home so as not to make it stick it out like a sore thumb and I have been using it for almost 10 years with no problem at all. My neighbor uses a wooden shed which he is now planning to replace with a container van to counteract the possibility of fire.

Regardless of the name you call it – storage shed, tool shed, utility shed – it is a very handy addition to any home’s storage space. You can choose to build your own, buy a ready-to-assemble kit or customize it from a container van. As soon as you have one you will realize the wisdom of having one since you will have extra storage space for anything and everything that you don’t want cluttering up the main house.

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