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Teak Patio Furniture – Outdoor Furniture That Last for Generations!

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Teak Wood Patio Furniture - photo by WhidbeyretreatTeak patio furniture fit the bill when talking about toughness and long life; they can even last for several family generations to come without loss of functionality and value!

Teak wood is one of the most valuable and durable timbers worldwide. It is practically weather-resistant and is used for shipbuilding, fine furniture, door and window frames, wharves, bridges, floors and wall panels; however, it is often overlooked as an outdoor furniture construction material. Teak wood’s high rubber content and natural resistance to heat, water and frost makes it an ideal material for outdoor patio furniture.

It adds character and elegance to your outdoor or patio design through a blending of nature and man-made elements which provide an outstanding aesthetic presentation to any yard.

The naturally high oil content of teak wood makes it termite-proof. Its durability and the way it wears over the years make it makes it very popular and sought after because weathering causes the wood to develop a natural silvery gray finish that further heightens its beauty without compromising its other properties.

Although teak wood commands a higher price compared to other types of wood, it is a considered a worthwhile investment because it can last for a very long time. There are temples in India with teak lumber for beams, door and window frames that are more than a thousand years old!

When teak comes into contact with metal, it has the unique and natural ability to prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion. Teak can be safely used in combination with other types of metals because its unusual property naturally protects and maintains the strength of the whole structure regardless of weather conditions and without the addition other chemicals and substances.

This is the main reason teak is utilized in shipbuilding since ancient times.

Since teak wood is impervious to weather conditions, teak patio furniture can be safely left outdoors without damaging its durability or visual appeal.

Teak patio furniture is also very easy to clean and maintain, simply scrub it with a soft brush, soap and water twice a year! How much easier and simpler can you get when it comes to patio furniture maintenance?

You can have your outdoor dining sets for patios and sundecks, chaise lounges, chairs, picnic tables and benches made from teak lumber and you are guaranteed that they would last for more than a generation or two to be enjoyed by your grandchildren’s grandchildren!

Since teakwood patio furniture is ideal for nay type of climate, you are sure to always have an attractive and durable outdoor furniture set for everyday use or entertaining.

Due to its natural properties, variety and beauty, patio teak furniture easily fits in any type of architectural setting. The revival of interest in teak patio furniture makes it a very popular choice for upscale homes, 5-star hotels, lodges, resorts and luxury yachts of the rich and famous. Teak wood defines elegance and is one of the wisest furniture investments a homeowner can make.

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